MacCoffee, Hillway, Petrovskaya Sloboda say “Thank you!” to all healthcare workers fighting against COVID-19

Food Empire brands represented by MacCoffee, Hillway and Petrovskaya Sloboda has provided free products to regions in Russia that had the most impact from COVID-19. It is unfortunate that instead of enjoying spring time, the world and Russia are facing a terrible coronavirus pandemic. We understand that the current situation may seem bleak and sometimes it is difficult to stay positive and be hopeful. However we need to do our parts and do anything we can to help stop the spread of the virus and stay safe. Healthcare workers are in the frontline as they tirelessly fight COVID-19 24/7. We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all frontline workers and healthcare staff provide them with all the possible support that we can. As for now, more than 40,000 portions of сoffee and tea have been delivered to 9 Russian cities, including Moscow and Saint Petersburg. We hope and believe that our products will delight our saviours during their short coffee breaks. We are very pleased that we can contribute in this global fight against COVID-19 pandemic on behalf of Food Empire. Stay safe! #WEWORKFORYOU

«Italian Passion» – special project from MacCoffee

MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino has launched a special campaign «Italian Passion» for the period of Russia’s gender holidays from 10 February to 10 March. The campaign features an application in the VKontakte social network that can be accessed through the link: The application provides users to test the match rate with their partners or find a love match. The results are determined based on a fun quiz that would present each user a personal “meme character”, which he/she may share on his social media profile. For those who participate in the couple’s love meter quiz,  they will be given a “couple result” that characterizes both users. They are then required to be shared on their respective social media profiles to qualify in the campaign’s competition. Winners stand to win music subscription vouchers, cinema tickets, dinner for two, or adult shop vouchers.

We are also excited to announce that MacCoffee has launched its branded animated Gif stickers for VKontakte, Instagram and Telegram. Stickers can be found with the #maccoffee tag on VKontakte and Instagram. On Telegram, please use the following links:, We are pleased to share that our MacCoffee stickers under the tags #Valentine and #March8 (in Russian language) were on the list for top-used tags on Instagram.

We are heartened to know that we are able to help many people to find their other half through our campaign. Love each other and don’t forget to invite your friends for a cup of MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino!

Modern Bollywood with MacCoffee

MacCoffee Bollywood Film Festival took place in seven Russian cities which screened seven award-worthy movies. For the fourth consecutive year, MacCoffee has been the key highlight of the event and the main sponsor of the festival. The festival was held in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Kaliningrad, Samara, Tyumen from 10 to 15 March 2020.

The opening ceremony and press conference took place on 10 March in Moscow at the “KARO 11 October” cinema. The guests enjoyed the movie premiere of horror flick “The Dark” and scored a unique opportunity to meet Bollywood stars up-close. The event was also visited by renowned movie director Dattu Sandeep and other famous actors. The press conference was attended by several movie creators as well as the Ambassador of India in Russia, V.Varma.

The atmosphere at the MacCoffee Bollywood Film Festival was amazing with the pleasant aroma of MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino filling the air. The delicious Italian-styled MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino with chocolate topping or cinnamon was served complimentary to all guests.

MacCoffee Bollywood Film Festival is well-known for its uniqueness and memorable experience. It stays in our hearts with wonderful memories, just as how MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino would.

MacCoffee in the music video by Fogel titled “Sterva”

MacCoffee is yet again featured in a music video released on 6 March 2020 titled “Sterva” that is performed by the young Russian pop artiste, Fogel. It is produced by Warner Music Russia and was posted on WOW TV Youtube channel. The filming took place in a real car garage and is focused on the visualization of “Sterva” which means b*tch, in which the song is dedicated to. However, according to the creators of the video, the b*tch is not referred to a lady, but an old and unruly car that “trembles his nerves” and breaks all the time.

Click on the link to watch this cool music video:

Kicking off the Gagarin Cup with MacCoffee

On 27 February 2020, Ak Bars, a Russian professional ice hockey team and proudly sponsored by MacCoffee, has entered the first round of the Gagarin Cup playoffs! Ak Bars emerged as the top team in the regular 2019/20 season within the East group. The team of Dmitry Kvartalnov won 44 matches out of 62 and scored 93 points. This is a great achievement for the club! The Gagarin Cup kicks off on 1 March 2020 with its first match between Ak Bars and Neftekhimik. The current holder of Gagarin Cup is CSKA.

Ak Bars team, MacCoffee believes in you and wishes you good luck! Keep moving forward!

MacCoffee at the European Figure Skating Championship 2020 in Graz

MacCoffee stays true to the tradition of being a key element of the grand sport celebration on ice. From January 20 to 26 the European Figure Skating Championship 2020 took place in Austria, Graz. All the best figure skaters of the continent were fighting for the title. Medals were awarded in the disciplines of men’s singles, ladies’ singles, pairs and ice dance. For the first time since 2006 Russian figure skaters won 4 out of 4 gold medals and 10 out of 12 total medals. Alena Kostornaia from Russia won gold in single women’s short program; Anna Shcherbakova became silver medalist, and bronze was taken by Aleksandra Trusova. In single men’s program, Russian athletes Dmitrii Aliev and Artur Danielian took gold and silver respectively. In pair skating, Russian figure skaters swept the podium with Aleksandra Boikova and Dmitriy Kozlovskii winning gold medals, Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov – silver, Darya Pavluchenko and Denis Khodykin – bronze. In ice dance, Victoria Sinitsina and Nikita Katsapalov became gold medalists, Aleksandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin finished in the bronze medal position. MacCoffee wishes good health and further victories to Russian athletes. Thank you for the emotions! We are proud of you!

“Narodnaya Marka”: MacCoffee celebrates the win again

This year, MacCoffee has once again clinched the highly-coveted “No. 1 Brand in Russia” award title in the category of coffee drinks. On 14 December 2019, the State Kremlin Palace hosted the award ceremony for the laureates.
The “Narodnaya Marka” competition is a ranking of leading FMCG brands in the Russian market based on nominations gathered from consumers. The “Brand No. 1 in Russia” polls were published in the Internet and publications nationwide. The questionnaire includes only one open-ended question – “Who is the best?” for every product category. Consumers then fill up the questionnaire on the brand names that they use the most and trust.
We always strive for the best to bring new and quality MacCoffee products to our consumers. With the recognition of “Narodnaya Marka”, it is our honour to know that consumers consider us as the best and that we are on the right track. Thank you for choosing us as your favourite coffee brand!

MacCoffee wins Product of the Year 2019 National Award

On 14 November 2019, MacCoffee triumps once again at the Product of the Year 2019 National Award ceremony held at Moscow, Russia. Every year, the Award Ceremony recognises the most popular FMCG products with the validation of leading research companies which are partners of the Award. We are pleased to announce that MacCoffee has won the “Product of the Year 2019” award in the category of “Сoffee with milk / sugar / cream additives”.
We would like to thank consumers for their support and trust in MacCoffee!

MacCoffee in the music video by GAYAZOV$ BROTHER$ – “Uvezite menya na Deep House”.

A music video featuring MacCoffee was released on October 30 2019 with the title “Uvezite menya na Deep House” performed by the popular Russian band GAYAZOV$ BROTHER$ and produced by Warner Music Russia. The meaning of the lyrics is close to most of our hearts as everyone experiences a time of our life where we get jaded with everything and just want to get away. Where? To a warm and sunny paradise where there is music, parties, beautiful girls… and, of course, MacCoffee! Check out the video by clicking the link below and get crazy with us.

Click on the link to watch:

MacCoffee in the music video by Filatov & Karas vs Burito – “Vozmi moe serdce”.

A music video featuring MacCoffee brand was released on 26 August 2019. The music video titled “Vozmi moe serdce” is by world-famous DJs Filatov & Karas and Russian artist Burito, and produced by Warner Music Russia music label. The black & white music video is stylish and minimalistic with few red elements and MacCoffee being the key highlight. We are certain that everyone who likes good coffee and good music will enjoy the video as well.

Click on the link to watch:

Weekend at Sokolniki park with MacCoffee, Hillway, MacChoco.

MacCoffee, Hillway and MacChoco were part of the «CoffeeTeaChocolate» festival that took place in Moscow at Sokolniki park on 24 – 25 August 2019, with our brand zone located on the fountain square of the park. Visitors were offered refreshments of our MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino with chocolate topping and the new cappuccino with fragrant cinnamon, as well as a taste of our Hillway Ceylon tea. We also had a 3D floor installation and a flying balloon for visitors to take pictures with, as well as invited our Italian mime friends to entertain the crowd.
On 24 August, MacChoco entertained our young children visitors with a fascinating show “The Perfect MacChoco Recipe” where Professor Ponchikova Glazur Experimentovna conducted a series of exciting and educational chemistry experiments to discover the secret recipe of the well-loved cocoa drink!
Thank you all for joining us at the «CoffeeTeaChcolate» festival!

Why wait for a reason? Every day can be special. Crispy new from the brand Kracks.

Discover the whirlwind of feelings with the latest Kracks in a packaging format of 110 grams. New Kracks with a taste of exquisite marine delicacy – Crab and crispy chips with a rich taste of sour cream sprinkled with green onions are created to give you unrivaled moments of pleasure.
Kracks. A taste that you can’t refuse.

MacCoffee at Alfa Future People 2019

From August 16 to 18 MacCoffee together with Beeline took part in the legendary festival of contemporary music and technology – Alfa Future People (hereinafter – AFP) that took place in Nizhny Novgorod region. AFP is more than 100 DJs, 6 scenes, including the largest scene in the country, an area of ​​50 hectares, record sound power and a unique light show. MacCoffee kept all the visitors warm by serving the excellent MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino with chocolate topping. Despite the rainy and cold weather conditions, the atmosphere of happiness and warmth could be felt during all the three festival days. We are proud that MacCoffee has become an integral part of the world famous open-air and made it so special. See you again, AFP. It was awesome.

Novosibirsk Birthday celebration together with MacCoffee

On June 30 Novosibirsk celebrated its birthday. For several years in a row MacCoffee celebrates this holiday together with the residents of the city. The MacCoffee zone was located on the embankment, where the gala-concert of the festival “Star Names of Novosibirsk” took place throughout the day. Visitors had the opportunity to take fascinating photos in the Turin style bullet time photo zone, have fun with mimes and try out MacCoffee Cappuccino Di Torino with chocolate topping, and the runner-up of the competition was awarded with a year’s supply of this delicious drink.
At the end of the event, the music band “Semantic hallucinations” performed at the main stage and all the visitors enjoyed the firework show.

Skyservice 2019

On April 24-25, 2019 FES Product, represented by the following brands: MacCoffee, Hillway and Kracks, took part in the international forum dedicated to the development of on-board aircraft service – Skyservice 2019. FES Product is a permanent partner of the key supplier of Aeroflot.

Aeroflot’s aircrafts’ product range include Kracks chips, Hillway tea and MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino. As a part of the event, a Hillway tea master (tea-tester) master class was organized. Tea master talked about the characteristics of blending, the differences of black teas, the effect of water quality on the taste of tea leaves and many more interesting things for an hour. Moreover, visitors were offered to try MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino and Hillway tea. FES Product was awarded by the certificate of the main partner of the Skyservice forum.


From April 11 to 14 MacCoffee kept warm all the guests of the high-altitude GrelkaFest that was held at the legendary Siberian ski resort Sheregesh. The sun, mountains, good mood, beautiful girls, sports guys, carnival costumes and hot MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino – all these happened in Sheregesh.

This year a new world record was set at GrelkaFest 2019 – almost 1 800 skiers and snowboarders took part in the famous swimsuit lift. MacCoffee Girls were among the first to conquer mountains with red flags and red smoke – how cool it was!
Miss Sheregesh 2019 competition was held at GrelkaFest 2019 with the support of MacCoffee. The Crown of Miss was owned by the Siberian beauty from Novosibirsk.

This year MacCoffee invited its special guest – TNT channel stand-up show resident Roman Kositsyn. Humor, positive vibes, good mood – big thanks to Roman for that.

MacCoffee had its own brand zone with red puffs, VR glasses, loud music, cool prizes, grilled marshmallows, and of course, lots of hot MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino — that was very popular and kept warm all the skiers and snowboarders.
Honestly, It was unforgettable! <3 GrelkaFest, see you next year!

Check out all the event photos:,,

MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino at Boogel Woogel 2019

From March 14 to 17 the high-altitude Boogel Woogel festival was held at the legendary ski resort Rosa Khutor in Sochi by the hot support of MacCoffee.

The event was attended by thousands of people. Carnival and swimsuit ski slopes, Miss Boogle Wooglebeauty pageant, pool jumping, concerts, parties – all these happened in reality. Despite the harsh weather conditions, almost 900 skiers and snowboarders took part in a swimsuit lift.

 MacCoffee had its own brand zone with red puffs, VR glasses, loud music, cool prizes, grilled marshmallows, and of course, lots of hot MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino – that was very popular and kept warm all the skiers and snowboarders. This year we decided to go even higher! Our cappuccino was provided to all the swimsuits lift participants just before the kick off.

In order to check how it was, visit Instagram @maccoffeeru where we posted several video series. Inaddition, we made funny videos with bloggers Elena Sazhina (helen_yes1), Anna Krivulya (alexandrovannya) and Julian Arkasha (yulian_tv). 

And again MacCoffee provided a festive atmosphere and warmed everyone with its Cappuccino di

MacCoffee at the exhibition of the Italian photographer Massimo Sestini

On March 12th the grand opening of the photo
exhibition of the Italian photographer Massimo
Sestini “Horizons of Italy. View from police
helicopters” took place in Moscow and was warmly
supported by MacCoffee. The exhibition is held in the
Multimedia Art Museum until March 24 Anna
Semenovich was a special guest from MacCoffee.

The photographer immortalized the landscapes of
Italy an hour after sunset and an hour before
dawn.All the photos are made from the police
helicopters. The project covered Rome, Milan,
Turin, Venice,
Florence, Naples, as well as the Stromboli volcano
and salt marshes in Trapani. The exhibition is
presented in a room with dim lights in order to
create the appropriate atmosphere. The exhibition also
includes a video showing all 36 unique photos and
“behind the scenes” materias that is a complex
process of working on a project, which took 2 years
to complete. The exhibition opened immediately
after the exhibition in the Quirinale Palace in Rome
– the residence of the President of Italy, and then
will be presented in other cities of Russia and the
rest of theworld.

MacCoffee in bed. Strictly 18+.

Digital special project “MacCoffee in bed” was developed for the period of Russian gender holidays from February 14 to March 9, 2019 (project can be reached by clicking the link: The goal of this project is to diversify sexual lives of couples and help them to avoid talking on awkward topics. On the landing page developed for her and for him user may select fantasies that he would like to try with his partner. After that, user should send the individually generated link to his partner, the partner makes his own “to try” list, as a result, both parties see only the common fantasies. Moreover, after passing the test, each user gets a funny result naming his role (for example, you might be “a passionate pool cleaner”), which he can share in the social networks in order to take part in the competition and get a chance to win one night in a luxury hotel with his partner and try out common fantasies.

A variety of digital marketing tools and platforms have been used for promoting the project: VKontakte & Facebook & Instagram, bloggers (Instagram, LiveJournal), telegram channels, VK Podslushano and seeding in other VK societies, Lifehacker. Results were more than amazing. We are pleased that our project has turned out so viral and relevant for many couples throughout Russia.

Do not be afraid of talking to your partner. After all, talking to your partner is as easy as inviting him or her for a cup of MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino. Love and be loved.

Pass the test with you partner by clicking the link:

The best Indian movies together with MacCoffee

MacCoffee Bollywood Film Festival took place in five Russian cities and shared with the audience eight movies. For the third year in a row MacCoffee is a key element and the main sponsor of the Indian movie festival. The festival was held in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, and Kaliningrad from January 30 to February 3, 2019. The opening ceremony took place on January 30 in Moscow in the October cinema. Kedarnath movie was presented at the opening – an exciting and breathtaking drama that left everyone speechless. Bollywood fans got a unique opportunity to meet Bollywood stars Karanvir Bohra and Barun Sobti personally. Moreover, the festive atmosphere was supported by Satrangi Dance School, whose team surprised everyone with true Indian dances. The atmosphere at the MacCoffee Bollywood film festival would not be so pleasant and aromatic without the delicious and creamy MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino with chocolate topping that was provided for all the guests by beautiful girls in shiny silver dresses. The festival left behind a lot of positive emotions, unforgettable memories and aftertaste from MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino. Bollywood won the hearts of Russian citizens again and fulfilled with energy for a long time. See you soon! Do not forget to take a cup of MacCoffee while watching your favorite movie.

New MacCoffee Classic

It is agglomerated coffee with classic soft taste that will become the sign of a great day. MacCoffee Classic flavour can charm and inspire, especially as it is made out of top-quality coffee beans. The product is presented in 75g doy-pack format. Try the classic coffee!

MacCoffee at the European Figure Skating Championships in Minsk

MacCoffee stays true to the tradition of being a key element of the grand sport celebration on ice. From January 21 to 27 the European Figure Skating Championship took place in Minsk. All the best figure skaters of the continent including Olympic champions were fighting for the title. Sofia Samodurova from Russia won the gold in single women’s short program; the silver went to Alina Zagitova, and the bronze – to a Finnish figure skater. In single men’s program, Russian athlete Alexander Samarin lost in the struggle for gold to a Spanish figure skater and took second place. In pair skating, our figure skaters Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov, Aleksandra Boikova and Dmitrii Kozlovskii took honorable 2 and 3 places respectively. In ice dancing, Russians are among the best again, 2nd place was taken by Aleksandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin. MacCoffee wishes good health and further victories to Russian athletes. Thank you for the emotions!

Tazzanera Coffee at Italian market

On December 16 at the Christmas market in the Italian Embassy ​​Tazzanera coffee became one of the high-quality Italian brands presented at the event. In the festive atmosphere, hundreds of guests and visitors of this event were able to enjoy the taste and aroma of the natural coffee “Tazzanera”, to join the art of coffee of the leading masters who create excellent coffee blends for true gourmets. All the sales revenue at the Christmas market will be donated to the account of the Dmitry Rogachev Center in order to support the research of scientists who are struggling with the most complicated children’s diseases.

New MacCoffee Aromio

We are happy to introduce new MacCoffee product – MacCoffee Aromio. Freeze dried coffee with the addition of ground coffee, which combined the convenience of brewing instant coffee in crystals with a delicate taste of exclusive natural coffee. The special aroma of the freshly roasted coffee is able to charm and inspire, especially if it is made from the selected beans according to special recipes of Italian masters. MacCoffee Aromio packaging is another reason to give it a try – black matte color with selective varnishing. The product is presented in two formats: doy-pack 75g and glass jar 100g. Taste the Italian exclusivity.

MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino wins Product of the Year 2018 National Award

On November 14 the annual Product of the Year 2018 National Award ceremony took place in Izvestia Hall (Moscow). The prize is awarded annually to the most popular FMCG products. Partners of the Award are the leading research companies.

The MacCoffee brand became the winner of the “Product of the Year 2018” award in the nomination “For the most outstanding successes in the shortest time”. This year the National Trade Association confirmed MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino as a product that quickly broke into the market and got trusted by the coffee lovers.

We thank our customers for their trust!

MacCoffee brand at a festival in Singapore

MacCoffee was a part of the bright and GREAT event of Singapore Days festival in Moscow on 15/16 of October. The event was dedicated to the uniqueness of the culture of Singapore and its people. The festival took place at the prominent cultural center FLAKON in Moscow and was visited by more than 30 thousand people.

Festival program was filled with songs and beats of Singapore bands, imminent Sinapore chefs, bar tenders, artists, painter and designers.

MacCoffee became a great part of this amazing fest by presenting to all of the visitors a free new product MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino.

While taking a walk outside the visitors enjoyed a relaxing branded lounge zone and shared photos with #MacCoffee hashtag. 

New Italian coffee Tazzanera in capsules

Redefining your  tastes’ expectations,  «Food Empire Holdings»  presents  new  coffee Tazzanera in  capsules which are 100% made at the own factory  in Parma ( Italy ), with use of  the modern  innovative technology which guarantees the aroma and freshness of  natural roasted ground coffee, brewed in accordance with  Italian recipes.

The experts of the company offer to savour the best of our blends: Oro, Verde and Rosso with flavors, ranging from intense to balanced and mild.

Tazzanera is one of the best coffee you can drink with pleasure daily.

Every portion of this coffee is a beautiful taste and magic aroma that comes from the heart of Italy.

City Days – Novosibirsk, Novokuzentsk, Tomsk!

This summer MacCoffee provided the citizens of Novosibirsk, Novokuzentsk, Tomsk with happy moments and tasty Cappuccino di Torino. We integrated into the Siberians City Days where people could come together with their friends and families, make pictures, have fun, take part in quizzes and many other entertaining events and of course consume a cup of delicious Cappuccino di Torino. The scale of these events was huge. The audience varied from children to the elderly. We tried to take care and satisfy everyone, no one was bored. The enormous population of Siberia region was dived into the crazy positive atmosphere accompanied by the aroma of Cappuccino di Torino.  We are proud that so many people have seen us and tasted the product.

India meets Italy in Moscow

MacCoffee took part in a big colorful festival of Indian culture in Moscow.

MacCoffee brand could not pass by this mindblowing event and became a solid
part of the cultural fest. The new brand of Italian authentic MacCoffee
Cappuccino di Torino served with ice could help to feel the coolness after the heat
of Indian passionate dances. The unique MacCoffee lounge with live monkey was
very popular among visitors of the event.

Moscow Sokolniki park became a three day Indian bazaar with Asian decoration,
textile, national costumes, souvenirs, natural cosmetics and bright festivities.
Cultural program most anticipated part was crowned with the performance of the
prominent Bollywood singer Ash King that shared the dance floor with 200
Indian dancers.

Every year the event grows to the bigger scale. This year almost the entire park
was flooded with Indian Festival visitors (about 1 million people). We are looking
forward to the next year Indian Day celebration.


We go to the East!

Moscow park Sokolniki for three days turned into a real oriental bazaar with decorations, fabrics and national costumes, exhibitions, souvenirs, natural cosmetics and, of course, bright festivities. And the cultural program was decorated with the performance of the famous Bollywood singer Ash King, who shared the stage with 200 dancers. 
Every year the event is becoming more and more large and this year it has captured almost the entire park. India’s days, which have already become the fifth, have united about a million people and few could be left indifferent. 
Well, what is India’s holiday without elephants?! A wonderful gift – the original photo-zone looking like an elephant made from chips prepared Kracks for admirers of Indian culture. 
In short, the festival partners tried to do everything to make these three days in Sokolniki truly unforgettable for everyone who decided to make a small trip to sunny India without leaving the capital. And no doubt we can say that they did it! 

MacCoffee Nirvana oasis in a hectic city

During the event all participants had a chance to get to know best yoga practice, listen to the lectures about wellbeing, healthy food, self-development, visit interesting master classes, concerts, try vegetarian food and have a good cup of tasty MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino.

Do you know that despite different views yoga and coffee has a long lasting friendly relations. 
The prominent ashtanga-yoga master Patabhi Joice always insisted his followers have a cup of coffee before morning yoga. The main participant of this event MacCoffee knows it for sure and 

was happy offer a new taste of iced MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino. 

Sunny weather, summer green Ostankino park, breathtaking atmosphere of this huge event made it a great holiday for soul and body. His highness Ambassador of India mr. Pankaj Saran could not pass this festival by and visited for the ceremony.

Bright mood of a hot summer with Kracks!

From June to August, 2018, has been started a new marketing support for Kracks brand. The support takes place in the South region of Russia. Kracks appeared on billboards in the cities with the slogan ” Do you want more? Kracks. The taste you can’t refuse!” This time we have updated the advertising image. The brand sets a bright mood of a hot summer, best friends of which are the sea, the sun and, of course, crispy chips!

The more chips, the more fun, friends and relax!

Chips is a quick snack between meals, a delicious snack or treat with friends. Convenient packaging in the shape of tube, like chips Kracks, you can take with you and eat on the go.

Sky Service 2018

Starting from the beginning of 2018 FES PRODUCT is the partner of several airlines catering services: Aeroflot, Utair, Russia. The beloved MacCoffee hot drinks, exquisite HILLWAY tea, and potato chips Kracks can be found in SkyShop of the aircrafts.
SKY SERVICE event as a support to the airlines catering companies took place in Guest Court in Moscow on the 15th and 16th of May. MacCoffee and Hillway were a part of this great international forum. 
Our brands offered all guests the opportunity to taste our products. Experts of the airlines catering gave high ranks to the quality and the taste of our new MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino. 
You can see a short video report, please follow the link

MacCoffe and Pyatnica tv channel gave away dream getaways to competition winners

MacCoffee in collaboration with Pyatnica tv channel are celebrating two happy occasions — the release of MacCoffee Strong and the successful reboot of the Orel ili Reshka (Heads or Tails) tv-show — with an exciting competition “I want to go on a getaway!” The gifts were impressive — trips to one of the cities visited by the hosts of “Head or Tails: Rebooted”, and the competition was fierce. According to the rules two winners were to be chosen, and each could take a friend with them! All through December the many competitors signed up. They had to follow several simple steps: choose their “dream city” on a special website, sign up with their social media account, join the MacCoffee page and share a post with their preferred dream city. Istanbul or London? Peking or Tokyo? Ibiza or Barcelona? The venturesome lovers of MacCoffee were faced with a difficult choice. In the end the prizes were trips to the Canaries and Zanzibar, and the winners were Ekaterina Khalikova and Kristina Scherbakova respectively. The wonderful voyagers are already the reading their guide books and packing their luggage. Their example proves that any dream can become a reality, you just need a little luck and, of course, a love for coffee. By the way, MacCoffee Strong doesn’t just offer a distinct taste and some additional energy, it also makes us a little stronger and tougher with each sip, which are the exact things you need to win and to learn about the world. Because there are new competitions and new voyages ahead.

MacCoffee EuroHockey Tour 2018

MacCoffee extends it support to most popular sports in Russia as well as in all Europe. This year MacCoffee again is a sponsor of April Euro Hockey Tour at Karjala and Czech Games. This year the TV audience grew vastly due to the recent Olympic triumph of Russian Team.

MacCoffee is a hot support of winter sports!

MacCoffee Cappucino di Torino at Boogel Woogel and GrelkaFest

In March and April 2018 at the most popular skiing resorts in Russia Rosa Khutor and Sheregesh there were held to mindblowing event BoogelWoogel and GrelkaFest. These are the skiing carnivals with the craziest and most outrageous fans and participants. More than 30 000 people participated in both festivals and record high 1500 people mad a bikini slide in winter. The quantity of people actively participating in the event is close to Guinness Record and Russian Records. This year MacCoffee is actively promoting the new product of the year MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino. The unique MacCoffee Coliseum was set up as one of the main scenes of the event. All of the quests could visit the brand zone to give a new cappuccino a try. Besides MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino was selected as an honor sponsor product for the beauty contest. MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino was very popular among the guests, contestants and helped to get warm in the middle of the snowy mountains. We are happy to share with the most interesting photos and videos of this event. Popular Instagram blogger video Natalya Dayy is discovering the ways to get warm Aftermovies BOOGELWOOGEL GRELKAFEST Photo report: BOOGELWOOGEL GRELKAFEST

Holidays with MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino

The most anticipated winter and spring holidays were met with new Cappuccino di Torino. The most popular bloggers were inspired by its tender and real taste and made several Instagram vines. On the 23 rd of February Andrew Khomenko proposed his version of the Italian breakfast doing it passionately with MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino  On the 8 th of March Natlia Yachuk discovered the most easiest way to enjoy her favorite drink by preparing our tender Cappuccino di Torino.  At the moment the total views gained with these videos are more than 4 million and it is growing

MacCoffee warms up and gives energy at Russia’s main skating rink at VDNH

Winter is the time for unforgettable parties, meeting friends and relatives, and of course for outdoor fun. For any case, MacCoffee’s flavorous drinks are there for you. This winter, MacCoffee is the official coffee provider for the world’s largest artificial skating rink that opened on December 1st at VDNH, Moscow. Its motto says, “The Winter of Your Feats”. That means that, apart from skating, visitors are also welcome to take part in contests and flashmobs related to winter sports and to take pictures with unique art objects. One of them is a must for coffee lovers. It’s a two-meter high MacCoffee glass, standing right on the ice. Children and adults love to pose near it; it is also a great meeting point. MacCoffee colorful signs and symbols are also seen at the borders of the skating area. After taking a good deal of pictures (hashtags #КатокВДНХ) and of course having a great skating time (the rink is more than 20 thousand square meters large; it takes you at least 15 minutes to follow its entire perimeter), the time comes to take a break, have some coffee and gain energy for moving on. MacCoffee is there for you, again! Its products are offered at all catering points across the rink. Beside black coffee, so delicious and so well-known to anyone, MacCoffee is also happy to offer something new: Cappuccino Di Torino, with a soft milk foam and chocolate crumbs, made under an original Italian recipe to keep you warm during a Russian winter. Andrey Glazunov, a blogger we all know well, didn’t miss this awesome event. He even made a vine on Instagram to promote Cappuccino Di Torino. Enjoy:  Speaking of real winter: MacCoffee is also the official coffee partner of the main skating arena in Novosibirsk. The rinks shall be open until spring is there to stay. And then, MacCoffee is ready to bring new projects and new flavors for all of you, fans of sports and fun activities.

Meet the new juicy taste of the Grilled Steak!

Exquisite and delicate, nourishing and appetizing – the new Kracks Grilled Steak. Mankind invented the grill immediately after the fire was opened. Grilled meat is more tender and that is important more delicious. There is nothing better than a tasty meal cooked on the grill the way you like most of all. Pure pleasure! Grill is not just a way of cooking, but also an opportunity to have a good time and enjoy the taste of juicy meat with golden crust. Make a grill party in the company of friends together with Kracks Grilled Steak!

European Figure Skating Championship 2018 in Moscow

New year in 2018 started off with the most notable event in Moscow – the European Figures Skating Championship. MacCoffee relentlessly gives hot support to skaters and fans of this spectacular event. Beautiful and graceful sport took place in the heart of the best skating nation in January 2018. Millions of fans were closely watching the young and daring skaters to compete for the gold medal of the champion. Alina Zagitova, Carolina Costner, Eugenia Medvedeva, Xavier Fenandes, and many others skaters performed on one of the best skating arenas in Russia (Mega Sport) to present the crème de la crème of the figure skating mastership. One of the best performances of this championship can be viewed followed the link MacCoffee was proud to present its new product Cappuccino di Torino for all of the guests of this event. Tender foam, real dark chocolate, and authentic Italian taste along with the unforgettable show created a fabulous atmosphere of true sport holiday.

MacCoffee has become part of the reload of OREL&Reshka at Pyatnica TV

The 6-year story of the legendary travel show covers over 100 cities, numerous memories, emotions, and stories. Now, time has come to return to many of them, which have changed a lot in the last years. New presenters are ready to help rediscover the familiar: fashion blogger Anastasia Ivleeva (over 6.1 mln subscribers on Instagram!) and showman, DJ and TV presenter Anton Ptushkin. MacCoffee drinks have always been there for our presenters and the entire crew throughout their hard but exciting journeys, helping them recover after the long flights, switch from one thing to another and of course look and feel awesome during the never ending work! Some cities were quite chilly, so our friends from Orel&Reshka had a great chance to set store by the heating effect of MacCoffee. The talented presenters had no problem reloading the colorful Mumbai, welcoming Shanghai, many-faced Beijing, ancient Edinburgh, magic Dublin, posh London, passionate Barcelona, and many others. See new episodes on RUTUBE and drink MacCoffee – so you feel the same way about those places as our presenters did!

MacCoffee brings the best Indian movies to Russia

MacCoffee is a many years’ partner to Bollywood Film Festival. Last year, the company provided general sponsorship to the event, celebrated in 21 locations in Russia. This time, we decided to go further and give our name to the festival: meet MacCoffee Bollywood Film Festival! The festival took place in 10 cities of Russia, including Moscow, St. Petersburg and Ekaterinburg, on December 16-24, 2017. It included demonstrations of the nine best films of the last years, including spy thriller Ek Tha Tiger, thriller Mom, dramas Ram and Lila and Jab Tak Hai Jaan, and a number of rom coms, a Bollywood calling card. Also, the guests had the chance to meet Bollywood stars, actress and producer Sridevi and her husband and colleague, Bony Kapoor. The guests of the event in Moscow were perhaps the luckiest of all because they also had a chance to try the new MacCoffee Cappuccino DI TORINO. This hot and balmy coffee drink made under an Italian recipe with genuine chocolate crumbs and a tender cream cap, was offered by invited promoters wearing shimmering silver dresses. For many years, Russians have been fond of Indian movies because they are emotional, colorful and full of music. Just like our great coffee/ Everyone who visited the event, held just at the end of 2017, of course got a charge of genuine Bollywood energy and set store by its “new version”, taking the best from Hollywood and still staying unique. MacCoffee will be happy to see you again next time!

MacCoffee wins Product of the Year 2017 National Award

On November, 22nd, the annual Product of the Year 2017 National Award ceremony took place in Izvestia Hall (Moscow). Products in over 50 food and non-food consumer categories were nominated to contend for the star-shaped award. The products were selected from the list of categories most frequently purchased by consumers in retail stores. For over 20 years MacCoffee remains the leader of consumer preferences in Coffee with milk/cream/sugar category. The winners of the contest are the top products and brands listed in an independent research carried out by AC Nielsen. Using the occasion, we are thanking our consumers for their confidence in our brand.


MacCoffee presenting: aromatic and genuinely Italian new product Cappuccino DI TORINO is a famous recipe from Torino, Italy. Proportions of this beverage are unique and well balanced, which is the key to the enjoyment brought by its exquisite coffee taste and tender foam. Italy gave birth to numerous coffee beverages, and cappuccino is by far one of the world’s favorites. Italians are connoisseurs of coffee taste, and that is why they prefer their cappuccino with dark chocolate added. Cappuccino DI TORINO is a superior and widely recognized cappuccino with real chocolate crumbs. It was developed using an Italian recipe whereby coffee, sugar and cream were combined and complemented with dark Belgian chocolate. Thanks to the convenient format, the beverage is easy to make: the contents of a sachet are emptied into a cup and hot water is poured on top. Cappuccino DI TORINO

Please welcome new Exclusive Collection of Hillway tea packed in individual sachets

To grow the best tea, you must show care and attention. And what could be more caring than Mother Nature herself? Hillway Exclusive tea, which is grown on the majestic tea plantations of western part of the island of Ceylon and southern China, is surrounded by the attention of the gentle sun, fresh rain, and cool winds. 

Hillway Golden Ceylon tea is a genuinely strong black tea with noble shades of red, a rich texture, and an exquisite aroma. 

Hillway Oriental Green tea is a light and fresh green tea with a gentle aroma, a light texture and a delicate, subtle flavor. 


On August ,12th and 13th, a bright celebration of India National Day endorsed by MacCoffee took place in Moscow. On the occasion of the festival, the Central Stage and the Big Circle of Sokolniki park were transformed into small India. The program offered Indian film show, souvenir market, delicious cuisine and a flood of emotions. To get a deeper feel of India in all its colors, everyone had a chance to be photographed against a miniature copy of Taj Mahal built by MacCoffee and win a coffee prize. The visitors’ photos can be found in social networks using #страстьсмаккофе (#passionwithmaccoffee) hashtag. Also, by tradition, we continued inviting famous bloggers to the events sponsored by MacCoffee. This time the coverage of the festival was trusted to the muscovite Kirill Didenok (233 thousand subscribers) and his Saint-Pete colleague Yuriy Kuznetsov (1 million subscribers). As a result, Kirill got over 30 thousand viewings and 10 thousand likes, while Yuriy hit over 826 thousand viewings and 77 thousand likes. You can watch their videos here:

Watch 2×2 TV channel together with the Kracks!

The summer period is traditionally the most active period for the category “chips”. Just because of this we created an animated video for Kracks and specifically for the channel “2×2”. Launched on 07.07.2017 advertising support of Kracks on the channel “2×2” will last until the end of July. You can see Kracks advertisement from Monday to Friday from 20:00 until 1:00.

Entertainment TV channel “2×2” is focused on young and adult audiences. You can enjoy such variety of cartoon and television series as the Simpsons / family Guy / South Park / Suspicious Owl / Looking / Keith Stupid show / Level Up Show, etc. If you want quality rest after a hard day, turn on “2×2” channel and enjoy best animated movies 24 hours a day all year round. Non-standard jokes, colorful characters, key scenes and beautiful landscapes create everything for leisure at home or in the company of friends.

A simple and comprehensible video in the style of the TV channel “2×2” was created. Join now to view it!



In early July a bright and hot event took place in Novokuznetsk, at Yermakov Square, in the framework of the City Day endorsed by MacCoffee and the city administration.

The event, under the slogan of Love Novokuznetsk! Kiss your second half! Enjoy MacCoffee! featured:

– interactive contests

– prize draws

– bright and very special photo zone

All those who wished had a chance to upload their photos in Instagram and get free printouts.

The public was entertained by energetic animators, while hot promo girls invited to taste MacCoffee.

Finally, as a culmination of the festive event, the city’s simultaneous kiss record was registered.


Here you can enjoy the reports:




The event was announced by over 20 mass media sources.

4 372 persons visited the ad page of the event in the country’s largest VKONTAKTE social network, while 75% of them found out about it via internet news.


Here are some links referring to the internet ad:

And over 10 media sources published their reports after the event, e.g.:

MACCOFFEE ARABICA 3IN1 WINNING Innovative Product 2017 International Award

For the 4th time the globally acclaimed Innovative Product of the Year contest has been arranged in Russia, where the winners are selected by the consumers.

This year MacCoffee Arabica 3in1 has been voted the best in the Coffee Beverages nomination.


The Innovative Product of the Year international awards have been around for 30 years now, embracing over 40 countries around the world.

In Russia the participants include top caliber transnational and federal companies manufacturing fast moving consumer goods (food, perfume, personal care and other products).


Whenever the Innovative Product of the Year title is awarded, it means that over 3,000 families around the country have voted in favor of a particular product.

This is a true sign of confidence which makes the selection of new goods in the stores easier for the consumers and helps saving their time and money.

We are proud to have won this award as this result means the highest acknowledgement of consumer properties of our product.

We shall further strive for new heights and create new products focused on quality and innovation.

Kracks. The taste you can’t deny!

The summer period is traditionally the most active period for the category “chips”. Just because of this we created an animated video for Kracks and specifically for the channel “2×2”. Launched on 07.07.2017 advertising support of Kracks on the channel “2×2” will last until the end of July. You can see Kracks advertisement from Monday to Friday from 20:00 until 1:00.

Entertainment TV channel “2×2” is focused on young and adult audiences. You can enjoy such variety of cartoon and television series as the Simpsons / family Guy / South Park / Suspicious Owl / Looking / Keith Stupid show / Level Up Show, etc. If you want quality rest after a hard day, turn on “2×2” channel and enjoy best animated movies 24 hours a day all year round. Non-standard jokes, colorful characters, key scenes and beautiful landscapes create everything for leisure at home or in the company of friends.

A simple and comprehensible video in the style of the TV channel “2×2” was created. Join now to view it!


In 2017 Novosibirsk has celebrated its 124th birthday, and MacCoffee, by tradition, has warmly supported the city’s top event.

This time the festivities have taken place at Lenin Square in the framework of ‘Green City: Transformation’ concept.

All the festival grounds have been dedicated to ecology in its different manifestations: manufacturing, relationships, feelings.

There has been The Misadventure rock group concert, fireworks, street Fairs, competitions and a lot more.

MacCoffee’s creative zone, featuring a bed with a crew of beautiful promo girls and a black-skinned macho, has become a special attraction for the celebrating public.

The event was arranged with a good sense of humor and an invitation to start one’s day with #маккофевпостель(#maccoffeetobed), in a bright and pepping-up way.

We handed our red balloons to over 500 event attendants and arranged for a live appearance of EXORDIUM dance crew from Everybody Dance TV show.

At the closing stage of the event we handed our coffee gifts, inclusive of the top one: certificate entitling the winner to an annual supply of coffee.

Click the below link to view the photos from the event:


Everybody Dance! final TV show sponsored by MacCoffee

On May, 7th, a long-awaited and exciting moment of truth was broadcast by ROSSIYA-1 national TV channel for the participants of the country’s top Everybody Dance! show. For the long two months MacCoffee, just like all the TV viewers, was among their hottest fans and supporters.

Only 6 dancing crews made through to the final stage:

  • Predatorz Crew from Moscow
  • Formation Vera Team from Tyumen
  • Evolvers Dance School from Krasnoyarsk
  • The First Crew Dance School from Belgorod
  • Black Sea Fleet Song & Dance Ensemble
  • Baikal National Dance & Song Theater from Ulan-Ude

In the final show all of them revealed their craftsmanship and demonstrated the new skills they learnt throughout the eight weeks of the project. Winning in this company of the strongest was a real challenge, but they did have what to fight for.

This time the celebrity judges of the show, Yegor Druzhinin, Alla Sigalova and Vladimir Derevyanko, did not voice they marks, but nominated 3 strongest crews. And the best crew of the country was then selected by the spectators in the studio through electronic voting. MacCoffee warmly congratulates BAIKAL National Dance & Song Theater with their deserved triumph.

The winners were the forth ones to step onto the floor and performed an enchanting dance mix full of ethnic coloring. After their performance spectators were chanting ´Bravo´, and Alla Sigalova, the celebrity judge, confessed she was in love with each and every of Baikal’s dancers.

The winning crew was awarded:

  • The Show Cup
  • 1 million rubles
  • Title of The Winner of EVERYBODY DANCE! project

Throughout the show, never were Baikal nominated for leaving the project, and each time managed to impress the audience and the judges with the variety of their dancing styles ranging from classic ballet to hip-hop, to contemporary dance, to waltz, to Chinese traditional dance, and a lot more.

Other participants of the final show also deserve attention: Formation Vera (Tyumen) who were voted the second-best, and Evolvers (Krasnoyarsk), experimental dance crew who became the third-best.

Besides, MacCoffee Strong, the hottest partner of the project, awarded the Black Sea Song & Dance Ensemble with its special prize:

  • Professional studio equipment set

Throughout this dance project the audience watched, enjoyed and cheered, while MacCoffee supported the participants, so their performance would work harder and perform stronger.

‘Bravo’ to the winners and all the participants of the show!

MacCoffee Strong

Stronger Together

Hot April with MacCoffee

During two April weekends 15 000 persons visited the festival, while its music program headliners included such acclaimed rock stars as Chicherina and Trubetskoy group. The event featured eye-catching dance battles, bumperball games, pool diving in carnival costumes, on skis and snowboards. Not to speak of the beauty pageant (also supported by MacCoffee), as well as hot photo sessions in SUPERPHOTO MACCOFFEE zone and even hotter drinks served by MacCoffee.

By tradition, the event participants had a mission: to carry out a joint ski descent in carnival costumes (at the fest opening) and then in swimming suits and trunks (at the fest closing session). This year the fest organizers submitted an application to the Guinness World Records, and a record was set: 1 498 persons made a simultaneous descent in swimming wear.

The happy attenders made shots and records of the most bright and memorable moments of the fest to publish them in social networks. The most creative of those who released their photos with MacCoffee and #жаркосмаккофе (‘hotwithmaccoffee’) hashtag in Instagram, received a selection of gifts from us.

The event proved to be so breathtaking and extraordinary that a well-known blogger Andrey Glazunov attended it to make his hot report from the fest scene. You can view the video clicking the link below:

Mass media published over 40 stories on the event. And MacCoffee promo girls were caught by the cameras of RIA Novosti and First Channel:

See also our official photo reports in VK social network:

Besides, here is an aftermovie of the descent in carnival suits:

GrelkaFest with MacCoffee brought us an entirely new experience, bright photos and videos, unforgettable atmosphere and mind-blowing fun!

MacCoffee is the sponsor of Everybody Dance! grand TV show

The main TV dance marathon of the season is declared open.

From March, 19th, a new Everybody Dance! project is to be broadcast in prime time, at 6 p.m., on Sundays by Russia 2 national TV channel: a show promising to be bright, impressive and breathtaking.

The hosts of the show are Olga Shelest, an enchanting musical TV channel anchor, and Yevgheny Papunaishvili, an incomparable dancer.

MacCoffee is passionately supporting the contenders and all their fans.

Throughout the show, there will be plenty of curious and eye-catching dances, the styles ranging from classic ballet to breakdance and hip-hop.

There are 11 dancing crews competing, inclusive of:

  • Evolvers from Krasnoyarsk
  • Predatorz Crew from Moscow
  • Exordium from Novosibirsk
  • Baikal dance & song theater from Ulan-Ude (Buryatia)
  • Mayuri Indian dance crew from Petrozavodsk

The judging team consists of such respectful personalities as Alla Sigalova, choreographer and professor; Yegor Druzhinin, actor, film director and choreographer; and Vladimir Derevyanko, ballet dancer and choreographer.

This flamboyant project has absorbed all the dance floor energy, unmatched motion, vigor, fortitude, team spirit and rhythm enjoyment.

MacCoffee Strong

Stronger Together

MacCoffee is the Official Sponsor of European Figure Skating Championships 2017

MacCoffee is proud to be the Official Sponsor of European Figure Skating Championships 2017.

European Figure Skating Championship is one of the oldest and prestigious sport event, MacCoffee is honoured to be the official sponsorship for more than a decade.

We love winter sports and support our athletes at home and abroad, that is why participation in the European Figure Skating Championships has turned for MacCoffee into an established pleasant tradition. The venue of this year’s Championship is Ostrava, the third largest city in the Czech Republic. The opening is held on January 23, and skaters competition begin two days later.

In the last European Championship, Russian athletes took gold in 2 of the 4 categories: Evgenia Medvedeva won a gold medal in ladies’ singles, and Tatiana Volosozhar with Maxim Trankov became champions in pair skating. We are looking forward to a spectacular event in 2017 and will cheer the best skaters on the podium.

Have a cup of MacCoffee and watch the Russia’s Match TV channel live broadcast on January 25-29!

MacCoffee will show the best Bollywood-movies to the Russians

MacCoffee is happy and proud to announce that the company is going to appear as the general sponsor of the Bollywood Film Festival, which will be held from November 30 to December 7, 2016. The festival will provide the possibility to become acquainted with the modern Indian cinematography to the inhabitants of 21 Russian cities, including Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The guests of the festival will see eight fresh motion pictures, and meet Bollywood stars — the actors Harshvardhan Rane, Amit Sadh, and the actresses and dancing twin-sisters Poonam and Priyanka Shah. Did you always love the classic Bollywood films with intrigues, songs and dances? Or maybe you are interested in the “reformed” Indian cinematography, tending to pass up the clichés and to provide competition to Hollywood without losing its distinctiveness? Or maybe you are just facing to discover this unique culture layer? Have no doubt: visit the Bollywood Film Festival and don’t miss the possibility the enjoy the amazing colorful and peculiar world of the Indian cinema. MacCoffee as the general sponsor, helping this great event to take place, will place outdoor advertisement in all the cities embraced by the film festival. Hundreds of posters and light-boxes of the company can be seen in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Krasnoyarsk, and in other big cities of Russia. The company will also distribute its’ catalogues and souvenirs, which won’t allow the guests of the festival to stay indifferent for sure, and the logo of the brand will be placed in the trailers and before the film shows. Finally, the company’s logo will be broadcasted on the front of the metropolitan SEC “Riviera” from the side of the Third ring road. Enjoy the taste and the flavor of MacCoffee. Maybe you’ll find your favorite movie among the films presented at the Bollywood Film Festival!

Product of the Year official award

The XVIII Product of the Year official award ceremony took place on the November 16 in Izvestia Hall. MacCoffee is still unbeatable leader in the coffee mix category. The Golden Star is a merit of high quality product. This victory is the proof of the solid and successful brand strategy, high loyalty level to the brand and the product. For more than 20 years the MacCoffee brand is a proven locomotive of the category. We are proud of our original products as well as of our new ones. The Product of the Year is the notable award among leading brands and products in Russia. It is held annually under supervision of the National Trade Association, Moscow International Business Association, Trade Chamber of Russian Federation and Moscow Government. We are proud of the victory! Thank you for your trust and support!

Moscow Youth Soccer League

Moscow Youth Soccer League on October 16 and 17 conducted a cross-cultural annual football competition for boys and girls of all skill levels. Competition took place at the sports complex CSK. More than 400 children from all countries of the world attend such kind of competition annually. Chips DonNachos became a partner of this event. The children enjoyed eating chips during the tournament!

Strogino mini-football Cup matches

On 22d of September 2016 Strogino mini-football Cup matches passed at the sport complex Yantar in Strogino. One of the partners of the Cup was Kracks chips. The tournament was attended by teams of children from 8 schools of Strogino district. Teams showed bright and dynamic game. It will be a pleasure to become the partner again of so well-organized football tournament, where younger generation fights for the victory!


MacCoffee is the official sponsor of the World Cup of Hockey

We’ve been waiting for it for more than 20 years. And finally it has happened again. World Cup of hockey with the best teams ever fighting on ice starts on the 17th of October. MacCoffe is the only official sponsor of this event on Russia. All teams need the Hot support, but we support Russian team by heart. For some legendary players it will be the last event, because this sport festival will be held only once in four years. That is why millions of fans will be breathlessly attached to the ice rivalry. MacCoffee Strong, which became stronger and full bodied, will be promoted within the TV broadcasting, as well as will be integrated in multichannel campaign of the world cup of hockey.

Jubilee with MacCoffee: Omsk was celebrating for three days!

Birthday comes once a year, and the 300-year anniversary – once in 300 years. Isn’t it a reason to celebrate in a big way? On the first weekend of August the city of Omsk celebrated the 300th anniversary, and MacCoffee provided the entertainment. Our company has produced a number of interesting entertainment programs, which have helped everyone to get energized with the festival. Townspeople happily participated in fun competitions, received prizes and gifts, and tried our products. The festival was taking place for three days at several sites! And though the next date will not be the milestone birthday, we will meet in a year at the next City Day, and the fun will go on.

Hot Season For Kracks chips!

Since June 2016, large-scale advertising campaign for Kracks chips has started in the largest cities of Eastern Europe, Far East and South.

In summer, there’s no time for boredom! What you need is to catch each and every sunny day to enjoy bright summer impressions of your favorite sports, funny friendly parties, journeys, beaches, breaking sea waves and all-night-long chat-ins. Kracks chips will help you make every moment special and remarkable, as they’re indispensable in any situation. Kracks potato chips are conveniently packed, as they won’t stain your hands. Besides, the range of tastes will please even the most exacting gourmets. To get all inhabitants and guests of Russia reminded about this, Kracks chips advertising campaign has started since early June in several regions of Russia.

This summer, Kracks billboards emerged in Krasnodar, Sochi, Sevastopol, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Vladivostok and Khabarovsk. Bright buses and micro-buses featuring Kracks ads cruise across all the Crimea, including all major cities, like Sevastopol, Yalta, Feodosia, Kerch, Gelendzhik, as well as in Irkutsk, Vladivostok and Khabarovsk. Jolly picture of dancing girl on the beach attracts attention at once, while the slogan “Wanna more? Unrefusable taste” calls for breaking restrictions of only one Kracks pack at a time.

Kracks Ideal Picnic is going on!

In June, 2016, Kracks chips continue making each and any picnic ideal – in the famous PRO-News show item on the popular MUZ- TV channel

Summer is just the time for picnics and barbecue.

Reporters of the popular music TV channel MUZ -TV continue implementing the most interesting ideas of friendly open-air parties in the Ideal Picnic show item. Apart from good company, due preparation also matters. It’s not only important to buy good meat for barbecue, but also to choose right snacks so that nobody would be starving while the main course is getting ready. Kracks chips are ideal choice for quick bite! Kracks potato chips are conveniently packed, they won’t stain your hands, as they’re fried without excessive oil. Besides, the range of tastes will please even the most exacting gourmets. Will your picnic be staged as a pirates’ party, or Mexican carnival, or a romantic tea for two – Kracks chips will suit well any outdoor party atmosphere.

Ideal picnic means Kracks chips!


MacCoffee is where holiday and vacation are

In summer, our company has introduced a brand new product – MacCoffee Gold 3in1. This is a flavorful coffee drink with real freeze-dried crystals. Thanks to its convenient form of production it is ideally suited to enjoy your favorite flavor anywhere: on a trip, a picnic, and even on the beach. First of all MacCoffee company decided to advertise the new product in the place where it will be most relevant – on the Black Sea coast. Billboards offering to try MacCoffee Gold 3in1 are installed along major roads from Cape Tarkhankut to Alupka. They have already been seen by tens of thousands of locals and tourists from all over the country. For many of them recreation became more intense with flavor and aroma of the coffee.

A vigorous day for Nizhny Novgorod and Novosibirsk

In June, two Russian megacities fired up with MacCoffee. In June 12, our company celebrated the City Day along with the residents of Nizhny Novgorod. The holiday came doubly energetic thanks to the joint efforts of MacCoffee and Radio Energy. On the main street of the city cheerful music was sounding all day long, and dynamic games with prizes from our brand were taking place. Winners received their well-deserved awards against the banners decorated with MacCoffee memorable logo. In June 26 the celebration was transported to the capital of Siberia – Novosibirsk. The City Day was celebrated there by “Uniton” music radio. Exciting games and the fascinating show lasted until late at night. MacCoffee was near all the time, supporting everyone with refreshing drinks and generously handing out prizes and gifts.

A perfect picnic with Kracks!

In May 2016, Kracks potato chips are the heroes of the new section of “PRO News” on the popular music channel “MUZ TV”.

When it’s getting warmer outside, it’s time to get ready for a picnic.

The correspondents of the music channel “MUZ TV” are ready to share the secret on how to turn a simple picnic into a real party in the special section “The perfect picnic”. They’ll teach you how to choose the right place for a picnic, cook easy dishes you can surprise your friends with, tell you about games for having fun, and they’ll also help you to find out the difference between a French picnic and an English picnic.

Kracks potato chips will turn any picnic into a perfect one! While the main dishes are being prepared, Kracks will be a great snack and the variety of tastes will please even the most demanding palate.

The perfect picnic only with Kracks! 



MacCoffee made a hockey holiday for the fans

May was really a hot month — even on ice! Russia hosted a world hockey championship and MacCoffee became one of the sponsors of this exciting event. The stakes were really high so our team needed the hottest of supports indeed! The Russian players met the expectations of their fans, giving them truly intense and exciting games. They drew everyone’s attention to the game against Germany, which ended with the score 4:1 in favor of Russia, and in the game against the USA, our team scored as many as 7 goals! Although this time the trophy was taken by Canadian hockey players, the sports festival was a success. MacCoffee thanks the participants of the championship and the loyal fans who watched the matches with a cup of strong and aromatic coffee. We wish Russian national team victory in the next year.

Find MacCoffee in social networks and win prizes

Find MacCoffee in social networks and win prizes During the whole month of April, MacCoffee subscribers in social media participated in exciting draw games. Now we can say for sure that coffee gives not only energy and concentration but also heat and maybe even foresight! And, of course, inspires for new feats on Mondays. First, our subscribers did a successful attention blitz test. In a week, they demonstrated excellent spatial thinking in our traditional brain warmup. Now they were ready for the contest that brought the winners their prizes: tickets to the Rostov-Zenit game in the 25th tour of the Premier League and the finale of the Russian Cup between CSKA and Zenit. Our best congratulations to all the participants and especially to the winners. New MacCoffee games and contests are about to come now. Stay tuned!

Hillway awards tea connoisseurs

Hillway has launched a large-scale promo campaign for several Russian towns.

From March 24th to April 30th, customers of Evropa supermarkets in Kursk, Bryansk, Orel, Voronezh, Ryazan, Belgorod, Stary Oskol, Tambov, Lipetsk, Gubkin, Zheleznogorsk and Kurchatov are invited to get qualified advice of tea experts and choose just the sort of Hillway tea – either leaf or teabags. Promo souvenirs are also provided – depending on the purchase price, those will be either plastic bag, or leaflet with samples of ginger tea and forest berries tea, or Hillway branded pen, or tea mug.

Fans of Hillway, as well as other connoisseurs of good tea, can get those souvenirs till April 30th. The promo campaign works from Thursday till Saturday. Our friendly promoters are waiting for customers near tea & coffee shelves.

Hillway billboards installed in Kursk

This March, another advertising campaign took place ‘starring’ Hillway. This time, billboards featuring two sorts of tea from the brand’s classic collection – black “Royal Ceylon” and green tea “Classic Green” were installed to decorate the town of Kursk.

Time to watch football with MacCoffee

March became the long-awaited holiday for football lovers: the matches of Russian Premier League finally resumed. MacCoffee helped numerous fans to see their favourite teams play by sponsoring many exciting matches including the CSKA-Spartak derby, Krasnodar-Zenit, Rostov-CSKA, Anji-Spartak, Krasnodar-Lokomotiv games. And many more! Football fans could see MacCoffee ads in breaks between TV broadcasts and directly at the stadiums. Now we have new thrilling and exciting matches ahead. We wish your team new wins — and let us shout for amazing football together!

MacCoffee for exciting hockey!

Hockey is one of the most popular sports in Russia, so MacCoffee is eager to support the Russian team. On February 11 and 13 we saw some excellent playing again when Russian and Czech teams met in the first two stages of the European Hockey Tour. In the first game, the Czech team was stronger, finishing this tough competition with a series of penalty shots and a final score of 2:3. In two days, Russian players turned the tables and won with a score of 4:2. It should be noted that the Russian team valued the support of their fans and MacCoffee especially much because both games were out matches. The MacCoffee advertising at the hockey stadiums in Třinec and Ostrava gave our players additional energy, while the fans enjoyed the warming drinks during these frosty days of February.

New MacCoffee Strong, new aroma and new strength!

We are happy to present something really tough to all the lovers of strong coffee: MacCoffee Strong 3in1 with cream and sugar. It is made of top quality coffee beans and is more delicious than ever! The package of MacCoffee Strong 3in1 has also become rich and colorful, so you won’t miss it in your store. More colors, more energy, more taste, more to achieve! Now you know what to start your morning with to ensure you have energy and a great mood for the whole day!

MacCoffee supported the triumph of Russian figure skaters at European championship

MacCoffee is continuing its close cooperation with figure skating, one of the most beautiful sports. This time, MacCoffee lended passionate support to Russian athletes at the European Figure Skating Championship that took place in Bratislava between January 26 and 31. While the fans were stirring up their enthusiasm along with nosy coffee, the skaters went working wonders on the ice. Our single skaters, Eugenia Medvedeva, Elena Radionova and Anna Pogorilaya, amazed everyone by taking the whole pedestal. Pair skaters were keeping the pace: Tatiana Volosozhar and Maksim Trankov won the gold medal, while Eugenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov got the bronze one, while silver went to a German pair. Also, the pair of Dmitry Soloviev and Ekaterina Bobrova, as well as Maksim Kovtun, got bronze medals for ice-dancing. Eventually, Russia became the definite leader at the event. MacCoffee gives thanks to our athletes for their outstanding results and wishes them success at the next European championship. See you in Ostrava, Czech Republic, in 2017!

We are the best ones again: MacCoffee becomes Product of the Year!

The MacCoffee brand has received another proof of customer loyalty and recognition. During the ceremony at Izvestia HALL in Moscow on November 11, it was announced Product of the Year 2015 in the nomination of “Coffee with milk/sugar/cream”. Experts from Nielsen and COMCON have studied information obtained from sales points and through polls held among 34,000 persons from 60 cities in Russia and found out that, among many other alternatives available, most of the customers chose and recommended MacCoffee. Our products are what first comes to mind when we speak about instant coffee with cream and sugar. Lovers of great taste, aroma and handy package opt for MacCoffee throughout Russia to later enjoy the fantastic drinks at home, in the office or underway.

MacCoffee has again become Product of the Year, so our products are still bearing the well-deserved golden star, a symbol of quality and the logo of the award founded by the National Trade Association, Moscow International Business Association, the Russian Federation Industry and Commerce Chamber, and the Government of Moscow. This award demonstrates the strength of the brand and the company, confirms the achievements we always maintain by working together. This is an outstanding reason to congratulate our employees and thank our customers who remain loyal to MacCoffee.

DONNACHOS Treated Moviegoers to Chips

During the weekend days of November 14, 15, 21, and 22, promoters dressed in stylized Mexican costumes made present packets of DONNACHOS chips to all the spectators who came to “Formula Kino City,” “Formula Kino Europe” and “Formula Kino Michurinskii.”

Moviegoers were able to rate either the outstanding sour cream and onion chips or the outstanding cheese chips according to merit. Both varieties were made from real, high-quality corn prepared using a unique technology and according to a traditional recipe that called for the chips to be roasted over an open flame. In contrast to the gloomy fall weather, the outstanding tastes and the bright Mexican colors of the promo-action made a particular impression on the moviegoers. The corn chips “DONNACHOS” are an original Mexican-style snack, which wonderfully satisfies the film spectator both in the movie theatre and at home.

MacChocolate in a holiday tin!

With coming of the cold weather, MacChocolate pleased all fans of the fragrant drink with a rich new product. Hot chocolate with classic flavor in a gift tin with an original design is the perfect present for any occasion, or just a pleasant surprise for yourself and your loved ones. The sophisticated and stylish design of the tin adds some special style to your favorite drink. Let the winter pass insensibly by over a cup of warming MacChocolate!

“Narodnaya Marka”: MacCoffee wins again!

MacCoffee has again proven its nationwide recognition. The 21st of October 2015, the results of the Narodnaya Marka (People’s Brand) national voting were announced, stating that this brand has won in the Best Coffee Beverage category, becoming the No. 1 Brand in Russia for two more years. This means that the voters mentioned MacCoffee more often than other brands when asked about coffee beverages, calling it a brand they love, trust, and recommend to friends and families.
That’s maybe the best evidence of MacCoffee quality and another proof of the fact that Russians really appreciate the rich aroma and flavor of our coffee – and the easiness of making it. Getting a perfect cup of coffee for breakfast, for lunch at the office or just during work, in a trip or at an outing has never been that easy! Also, given that MacCoffee is really popular, you can buy it anywhere – and will of course find your favorite variety in the nearest store.
We are always controlling the quality of our products, expanding the product range, improving the package and trying to be as close to you as possible, taking into account the wishes of our loyal customers and the ones who are just planning to try MacCoffee. The Narodnaya Marka sign proves that we are on the right track. Thanks for all your support!

Kracks Supported the AIESEC REC’15 Educational Conference!

1-4 October 2015, Kracks supported the Regional Educational Conference (REC’15) under the aegis of AIESEC. For sixty-four years, AIESEC’ activities have focused on developing young specialists’ leadership potential. Participants from all over the world came to the city of Novosibirsk – the heart of Siberia. Over 100 students and graduates took part in workshops and activities, which were aimed at developing their leadership potential and research skills. Such skills are necessary for the realization of social programs not only in Siberia, but also all over Russia. Kracks became one of the conference’s symbols and brightened the students’ activities every day. At the end of the conference, the delegates received gifts and souvenirs from Kracks.

‘Test Purchase’ MacCoffee demonstrates the best results again!

MacCoffee as a brand demonstrated  its leadership again. On 22 September on First TV Channel in  the consumer  show ‘Test Purchase’  In the opinion  of  Coffee manufactures Association General director  Ramaz Chanturia the best  balanced taste was showed  by «MacCoffee Аrabica» in comparison with the other three leading coffee brands which were bought  for  the survey of instant coffee.

It’s surely worth special attention that our brand, with its unique taste, is rewarded with high ratings again and again. In 2013 , during the similar survey, MacCoffee GOLD has already been recognized as  the best trademark among tested brands in freeze dried coffee segment.

We are truly happy to know about this news and MacCoffee team will continue maintaining the highest level of our brand!

Kracks at the Festival of city culture, sports and arts

On September 15th Kracks sponsored the Festival of city culture, sports and arts in the park “Krasnaya Presnya” in Moscow as a part of holiday, dedicated to opening of the 2000th FixPrice store. Guests of the Festival visited many kinds of creative workshops and performances when sport followers could take part in monofootball and football bowling competition and get bright presents from Kracks



Reed more about Kracks activities here

City Day with Kracks

Kracks became a sponsor in sport event which took place at City Day holiday in Balashikha City Moscow Area. Kracks joined the celebration and presented crunchy chips and bright souvenirs to all participants and guests of monofootball and football bowling competitions organized by the Charity Foundation “League of The Future Champions” and dedicated to the City Day. Every guest could cheer up by taking part in the competitions and get into the summer mood with Kracks in spite of the hazy weather.

Reed more about Kracks activities here


Kracks extends summer with bright ads

The second ad campaign flight in Crimea launched from August to November 2015 based on transport outdoor alike in creative concept and slogan Kracks “Want more? The taste you can’t resist” already recognized. The ad dresses new public buses routed to Yalta, Sevastopol, Feodosiya, Evpatoria, Kerch as well as crowded suburbs along the seaside. Extending ad campaign geography and strengthening brand recognition the ad covers the most visited places of Crimea peninsula and supporting knowledge of the product and Kracks brand loyalty.

Reed more about Kracks ad here

MacCoffee brings good luck to Russian football players

In early August, two Russian football teams, CSKA Moscow and Kuban Krasnodar, had their playoff for European cups qualification. What they really needed was their fans’ support because playing as guests amid the extreme heat in Europe was quite a challenge. Along with the numerous fans who watched the game in Prague, Czech Republic, and Bratislava, Slovakia, at sports bars and at their homes, MacCoffee also pulled for the Russian teams. A 10-second ad of the brand was shown on air Russia 2, the TV channel that broadcasted both games. The fans of delicious coffee were excited to watch the matches with MacCoffee. Looking ahead, we can surely say that the support paid for itself and both teams did it: CSKA made the playoffs for Champions League qualifications and Kuban did the same for the UEFA Europa League.

Here is how it was. On August 5, CSKA Moscow pulled out a victory from the Czech team with a score of 3:2 at Generali Arena Letná. After a 2:2 draw in Moscow, the Russians really had to win, so Akhmed Mousa made a double contribution to their success while Alan Dzagoev scored the decisive goal.



Krasnodar had to dispute the playoff with Slovan Bratislava on August 6. A 3:3 draw was enough because the Russians won the previous game in Kazan, with a score of 2:0. This time, Pavel Mamaev scored two goals for Krasnodar and Fyodor Smolov dispatched a successful penalty kick during the added time. We should definitely distinguish Róbert Vittek who scored all three goals for the Slovak team.

MacCoffee is really proud of the successful Russian teams and wishes them good luck in their next games. CSKA is now playing with Sporting, Portugal, on August 18 and 26, and Krasnodar meets HJK Finland on August 20 and 27. We are always here to support Russian players – with the aroma of our favorite coffee!

Kracks: crunchy chips and colorful ads for the hot summer

Summer is just the perfect time for making new friends, seeing new things, travelling and escaping big cities. Apart from your best friends, Kracks make great company, because they taste great everywhere, from the beach to a music festival, and at all times, even during summer heat! This is announced by the ad campaign, which is being held in July and August 2015 for the locals and visitors coming to the Black Sea coast from all over Russia and many other countries. This summer, Kracks are being advertised on billboards in Krasnodar, Sochi, and throughout Crimea, including in the peninsula’s largest cities, namely Simferopol, Sevastopol, Yalta, Feodosiya, and Kerch. The catchy image grabs your attention at once; the slogan, which reads, “Want more? The taste you can’t resist” implies that great company requires more than one pack of chips.

The billboards at the seafronts, in city centers, on major highways and crossroads, are seen by many pedestrians and drivers every day. The ad improved customer loyalty and boosted the purchasing mood of regular buyers; it also helped new customers get to know Kracks and improved brand recognition.

Kracks come in seven flavors, including (but not limited to) original salted, popular sour cream and onion, best-selling cheese, and the exotic taste of genuine wasabi. They come in two package formats, 160 and 45 g, to be enjoyed by both large groups and individuals. Thanks to their modern and stylish design, Kracks have become especially popular with younger consumers, and their lightweight airtight package is totally in line with a fast-moving lifestyle.

MacCoffee celebrates Novosibirsk Day with a concert

Novosibirsk, often called the scientific capital of Russia, celebrated its anniversary on the last Sunday of June. On June 28, a large concert was organized for the people of Novosibirsk and guests of the city, proudly sponsored by MacCoffee as the main partner to the event. The preparatory works for the event lasted for several weeks. Starting on June 8th, Novosibirsk radio stations, including Unitone, City Wave, and Police Wave, started inviting everyone to the music show. Of course, MacCoffee was mentioned.

The presenter of the show also mentioned the brand during the concert. MacCoffee logos were used for banners and balloons, flyers and the large banner on the stage.

The show was attended by at least 250 thousand persons who came to see their favorite performers, including Mitya Fomin, Bianka, Car-Man and others, and also to enjoy the fantastic fireworks (not to mention the great coffee!).

We are happy to congratulate the people of Novosibirsk upon their city’s anniversary again. That was quite a celebration!

Hillway brings a taste of Ceylon to Sochi

Three years ago, we launched a range of Hillway tea featuring nine flavors that are especially popular in Russia. No doubt that tea lovers will find or have found their favorite version, be it classical black or green, stimulating black tea with bergamot or refreshing green with jasmine notes. Hillway is also popular thanks to its handy package, coming in 25 or 100 tea bags, and of course to its outstanding Ceylon quality, thoroughly selected by tea testers, the “tea sommeliers”, at Sri Lanka.

Every day Hillway is gaining new fans thanks to its summer advertising campaign in Sochi during the peak season. Throughout July and August, the two summer months when most tourists come to the Olympic city, Hillway will be demonstrating its billboards. The nice landscape and the slogan “From Ceylon tea plantations to your cup” grab the attention of anyone living in or visiting Sochi, encouraging them to try this rich beverage whose freshness is guaranteed by the FRESH TEA mark.

Crystallized coffee: new generation of MacCoffee drinks

MacCoffee is redefining coffee drinks. Please meet the new one – with real soluble coffee in crystals! The Freeze Dry technology maintains the quality of coffee, delivering at best both its taste and aroma.

The MacCoffee novelties, 3in1 Gold and Arabica, are a perfect combination of milder and stronger coffees, cream, and just the right amoung of sugar. Anyone who prefers freeze-dried coffee will definitely like these drinks and become their fans.

MacCoffee 3in1 Gold and Arabica are sold in the convenient format of sticks, so they are likely to become your first companion for any trips, in the office, or at home, bringing the taste and aroma of real coffee to your cozy evenings.

MacCoffee impresses Southern Russia with ads

Summer: the perfect time for new impressions and eye-catching visual experiences. Now that the long-awaited vacation season is here, MacCoffee has launched a new advertising campaign in Southern Russia. From June to August, its colorful outdoor advertising will be demonstrated in Krasnodar area, Sochi and the Crimea, reminding anyone of the importance of enjoying every moment of the summer, be it in a great company or alone with the sea – and good coffee.

The campaign involves banners, pillars, piles, supersites and other facilities. Quite the right time to forget the stereotype that coffee is for the cold season. Come take a cup at a cafeteria near the Black Sea – and enjoy the views of course!

MacCoffee supports Russian football and hockey teams

MacCoffee is keeping to its good tradition of supporting Russian athletes. The brand has advertised itself in Prague and Ostrava, Czech Republic, during the recent Hockey World Cup. That was a great chance for all the fans of Russian hockey to watch the triumph of Russia playing with Belarus and ending up with a score of 7:0 for Russia, the close-fought matches against the USA and Finland, and also the exciting final where Russian players had to face the Canadian team.

The Russian team won the silver medal, and MacCoffee´s results were just as outstanding. Its ad was repeatedly shown on air of the Russia 2 TV channel during the hockey broadcasting.

However, MacCoffee also keeps an eye on Russian football. On March 24, Krasnodar club met Rostov at the Russian Championship. A banner with a MacCoffee ad was shown at the football arena in Krasnodar. The home team won on the 29th match day by a score of 2:1. All MacCoffee fans who watched the events with a cup of their favorite drink – whether at the stadium, in a sports bar or at home – are actually winners, too!


MacChocolate’s Spring Gift

MacChocolate Hot Chocolate celebrates the coming of spring through the promo action with the motto – ‘Feel the Taste of Chocolate Travel! Each promo pack of MacChocolate Classic contains genuine magnet as an extra gift!

All connoisseurs of hot chocolate have an opportunity to make their collection of all three magnets depicting the most known and beloved symbols of European countries. Even the most experienced traveller will not stay untouched!

The magnets contain the motto ‘Feel the Taste of Chocolate Travel with MacChocolate’ in different languages. Maybe, you will feel the most romantic, happy and… delicious moments of your trips to different countries, enjoying the cup of hot MacChocolate, and feel your day with great pleasure!

MacCoffee Provides Hot Support for Russian Team on Euro Hockey Tour

It was not too easy a game for Russian team, as they were guests on both games, in Czech Republic – so the support was of special importance for them. The remarkable MacCoffee logo and symbols were decoration of the Karlovy Vary stadium, where Russians met the Czech team on February 5, and the huge O2 Arena in the Czech capital, where the return match took place on February 7. The MacCoffee logo at the borders was perfectly seen from the seats and at the broadcasts.

Unfortunately, this time the Russian team didn’t manage to win. The total score was 3:0 and 4:3 in favor of the rivals. However, experts consider the play of the Russian team as solid, especially regarding newly drawn young players, as well as the progress of the team from one game to another. Today, the Russian team is the second in the general score, one point behind the leading Swedish team. This means that in the final matches of the group stage that will take place in April the Russians will strictly need commitment, and also support from fans as well as from MacCoffee. We’ll meet again. At first in Finland and then in Russia: in every country Russian players will face two matches, the in-home one against the Swedish team, being now at the top of high score.

Stockholm Ice Triumph Supported By MacCoffee

The new year start was, according to good tradition, marked by the European Ice Skating Cup that took place in the capital of Sweden. MacCoffee was, as usual, involved in supporting Russian skaters, and also throughout all the tournament figure skating fans were provided with hot and delicious drink. Cozy atmosphere was maintained in the streets of Stockholm as well as indoors, for fans of figure skating and coffee. The colorful emblem of the brand was seen at the borders of the skating rink at the Ice Palace where the skaters performed.

As for Russian skaters, they performed brilliantly at this sport feast. Just imagine that 9 out of 12 medals were awarded to the Russian team, including all medals in women singles and sport pairs.

Even without Adelina Sotnikova and Yulia Lipnitskaya, Russian single women skaters were unbeatable: Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, Elena Radionova and Anna Pogorilaya left no chances to the competitors. In men’s singles silver and bronze medals were won by Maxim Kovtun and Sergei Voronov. In ice dancing, Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin got bronze, as they were advancing their performance every other start of the season, and the latest performances were obviously the best in their careers.

Sport pairs ride was the impressing final touch of the championship. The golden medals of Yuko Kavaguti and Alexander Smirnov which have just been recovered after severe injuries, is worth special mentioning. Silver and bronze medals were won by Xenia Stolbova / Fedor Klimov and Eugenia Tarasova / Vladimir Morozov, respectively.

New competitions and awards are awaiting! Support Russia together with MacCoffee!

MacCoffee’s Broadcast the Gift for Soccer Fans!

The end of autumn is quite uncomfortable to go to the stadium – but is it really a reason not to support the team? MacCoffee has a gift for all soccer fans, as the tough matches of the Premiere League are now available at home of in your nearest sports bar. The company does not miss any important sports event, and now we are sponsoring the broadcasts on the National Soccer Cup at the NTV+ Sports Channel.

MacCoffee has already helped fans to see the 14th Tour matches (Krasnodar – CSKA, Dynamo – Terek), and in the nearest weekend the most important games of the 15th Tour will be broadcast: November 29th, 5:45 pm – Mordovia (Saransk) meets the leading Saint-Petersburg’s Zenit. And the next day, November 30th, 1:10 pm – Moscow’s Locomotive and Spartak will play.

See the Russian Premier League and support your favorite team with MacCoffee!


This November, MacChoco introduced the new bright promo package!

The package is colorful to suit both boys and girls. The promo pack contains two packs of MacChoco – Classic Cocoa and Strawberry, and also a great surprise, a genuine glass with plastic handle depicting the Calf travelling the Moon! MacChoco Cocoa Classic and MacChoco Strawberry are not only tasty but also nutritious, providing children with energy for new adventures and discoveries – to get them as healthy and clever as the real Cosmonauts!

MacChocolate Invites for the Christmas & New Year Atmosphere

Christmas and the New Year are time of Magic. The holiday to spend with the people of your life and the closest friends. MacChocolate hot chocolate provides an ideal supplement to winter family evenings. It gives a softer and sweeter touch to the mood and fills our souls with warmth and comfort.

The MacChocolate instant drink is produced from natural high-class cocoa. Convenient package allow for quick and easy preparation that make the drink enjoyable everywhere, be it at home, of in office, or outdoors during your winter journeys.

There are several variants of taste combinations, such as MacChocolate Classic and Cream, or MacChocolate Classic and Hazelnut.

The set includes an elegant glass decorated with snow flakes (like frost flowers). It is made from tough material allowing to maintain warmth of the chocolate drink for long time and preserve its brilliant taste.

MacChocolate is not just another hot chocolate drink. Its attractive aroma and smooth chocolate flavor will be a perfect accomplishment to your winter holidays and provide for really festival atmosphere.

MacCoffee’s New Top: ‘Product of the Year – ’14’ Award

Another approval of customers’ choice for MacCoffee: November 12th, in the famous Izvestia Hall of Moscow, the brand was granted the ‘Product of the Year – ’14’ award as ‘coffee supplemented with milk/sugar/cream’ for persistently high market share and high product quality.

The ‘Product of the Year’ award is granted to the most popular mass demand products. This annual contest is held by the National Trade Association, Moscow International Business Association, Russian Chamber for Trade and Industry, and the Moscow City Hall. To detect the best offers in many categories, the leading research companies Nielsen and COMCON are performing continuous monitoring. The former company monitors the retail through scanned bar codes and professional auditors attendance, while the latter analyzes the data provided by the TGI Russia research covering 34 thousands inhabitants of 60 Russian cities annually.

The ‘Product of the Year’ award proves that this particular brand is successful, demanded and recognizable. It means MacCoffee is chosen from numerous alternative options. The ‘Product of the Year’ award is another significant indicator of strength for brand and company, high product quality, catching package style and successful promotion strategy. We are grateful to all the company staff; each of us has contributed much to this achievement. We are grateful to our customers preferring MacCoffee!

MacCoffee supports the Home Team at the Euro Hockey Tour

As it’s getting colder outside, it’s hot time for ice hockey fans. The annual Euro Hockey Tour has started, and MacCoffee took the option to support our home athletes that are now facing superpowers of European ice hockey, Finland, Sweden and Czech Republic.

The first stage of the Euro Hockey Tour 2014/2015 is the Cup of Karjala that took place in Finland on November 6 – 9. Tough time for Russians, as during the first two games the team lost to Sweden (by penalty shots) and then Finland – so fan support was even more important than ever. Thanks to devoted fans and MacCoffee as its loyal sponsor whose logo could be seen at the borders of the field, the Russian team remained positive-minded, concentrated and later could defeat its principal competitor, Czech team, 4:2.

The team of Sweden is the first after the Cup of Karjala, but this is only the beginning of the tour: the Channel 1 Cup will take place in the Olympic Sochi (Dec. 18 – 21), where the home field will surely help our athletes. Later guest matches will follow, that will require special support for the Russian team, which MacCoffee is surely ready to provide. On Feb. 5 – 8, 2015 the Russian team will play two matches with the Czech colleagues, on Apr. 15 – 19 – with the Finnish team, and on Apr 22 – 26 with Sweden.

MacCoffee will surely continue supporting the home team; we wish Russian hockey players good luck in Sochi, at the Channel 1 Cup!

Kracks chips — the Real-life Rhythm

The world is changing, and we are changing, too — offering top-quality cutting-edge products to our customers.

Kracks chips are not exception. Their convenient tube-shaped package has changed its appearance. The logo and styling remained recognizable, though they got really fashionable and remarkable, while the taste mark is now easily and straightforward. The seven lovely tastes are now impossible to mix up with anything else. And chips themselves look so naturally on the pack that one wants to taste them immediately.

Be you at work, or with friends, or solo — just follow your taste! Kracks chips are tasty things in the rhythm of real life full of amazing opportunities.

MacChoco supports young athletes in children’s football camp Ajax Camps

Ajax Camps is children’s sports and recreation camp in Bronnitsy, a town near Moscow, where during school break young football players spend their time in the company of famous Dutch and Russian coaches from the legendary Ajax Academy! The MacChoco hot chocolate is their number one choice whenever they need to get a quick energy boost after football practice and feel energized and happy in the morning!

The camp’s activities revolve around football! The training program includes 2 and 3 practice sessions a day; an intense day is followed by a less strenuous day. Practice sessions are prepared and conducted by Ajax coaches according to a specially devised system that is called to help the young athletes practice a wide array of football skills. With this busy schedule, eating right is vital for the children. MacChoco has become an ideal supplement for the young athletes’ diet! MacChoco is made of natural cocoa powder, which makes it an invigorating, energizing and mood-lifting drink that helps the young body of an athlete cope with intense training! The young athletes drink MacChoco at breakfast or supper every day and are always fit for new challenges!

News from MacTea – Spicy Ginger instant tea!

MacTea Spicy Ginger is an instant tea containing natural ginger powder.

Ginger tea is perfect in increasing your tonus and replenish your energy, thanks to unique features of ginger roots:
– gaining tonus,
– strengthening immunity,
– bringing great mood,
– improving digestion,
– removing body toxins,
– helping curing flu and cold,
– normalizing arterial pressure.

MacTea Ginger is rich with antioxidants, it’s good in fighting your thirst when it’s hot, and it’s heating you from inside in winter. This tasty and delightful drink will be ready in just a few minutes after you add 170 ml hot or cold water to the contents of the sachet. To make tea even tastier, one can add a mint leaf and/or slice of lemon to the cup.

MacTea Ginger is provided as 16 g sachets, 20 pcs in each package.

MacCoffee supported the Russian Premier League match

Loving and tender care of Russian soccer players and supporters remains an important thing to do for MacCoffee. Athletes and their fans have often appreciated our brand’s hot support. The match between Moscow’s Locomotive and guests from Saint-Petersburg was not an exception. On May 4th, the Moscow team on its field met the Zenit, one of the championship’s leaders, as part of the 28th tour of the Russian Premier League.

MacCoffee managed to sustain the tournament spirit on a high level. The game turned to be equal, but tough fight. As a result of the Locomotive’s defender mistake, the first time ended 1:0 for the guests. During the second half of the game, it was the home team who took advantage from the mistake of their counterparts. The final score was 1:1. Probably, some of the supporters were not happy with this result, but such score was a real mess-up for the Russian Premier League tournament bracket. It’s now almost impossible to predict the champion.

The MacCoffee marquee commercials were permanently on the field during the Zenit – Locomotive match. The game was broadcast via the NTV TV channel, thus the audience was significantly widened. Either you watch the game at home by TV, or at the stadium, a jar of MacCoffee with its wonderful aroma makes the show anyway more interesting and attractive. The supporters of the Russian soccer teams had the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular game together with our brand.

MacCoffee at the Oddset Ice Hockey Games

Though the spring is at its high point and summer is coming, true fans of ice hockey are not to be left without care and attention. The serious game is going on, and MacCoffee continues to support all important games within the Euro Tour. One of such games, Oddset 2014 Ice Hockey Games, took place on May 1 – 4, in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Oddset Series is the annual ice hockey tournament in Sweden, held since 1991. After first 6 years of its history the game became a part of the Euro Tour of ice hockey. Nowadays, four top teams take part in the Euro Tour, i.e. Czech Republic, Finland, Russia and Sweden. All four went in for victory. The Russian team is now undergoing tough times, as the trainer-in-chief was changed along with all the trainers’ staff. That’s the time of challenging adaptation between the players, management and new trainers.

MacCoffee is always supporting top sports and all its fans. Maybe that’s why our players, despite of all complexities, began the games with convincing victory over the traditional competitors, the team of Czechs. The final score of this match is clear-cut without exaggeration: 6:0 for Russia. Unfortunately, the team could not sustain such rhythm during all the game, and the winner was the team of Finland, which regularly handles 1st place in the Oddset games.

MacCoffee is happy to continue collaboration with sport events of world’s top level. Thanks to our brand’s hot support, the ice hockey games in Stockholm will be remembered by ice hockey fans for a long time. It’s worth mentioning that MacCoffee’s bright and memorable commercials at such sport events efficiently sustains the up-to-date image of our trademark.

MacFito Chicory with Chinese herbs

We are proud and find it necessary to permanently create new top quality products and always offer really great beverages and snacks to our customers. Introducing the unique original MacFito Chicory with Chinese herbs is the new achievement of the company in this direction. We are glad to introduce this new instant beverage with unique features to all fans of healthy nutrition. Its main peculiarity is its natural components including five Chinese plants and herbs: Snowdon rose, ginger, magnolia-vine, ginseng and green tea.

The Chinese approach to holistically use the forces of Nature for sustaining people’s health is well-known all around the world and being actively implemented. All natural components of the MacFito Chicory with Chinese herbs are actively influencing the metabolism of our body, strengthening the immune system and increasing the biologic protection. Thus, inuline that is contained in chicory helps to softly purge all polluting elements from the body. Snowdon rose improves and pampers the nervous system. Ginger normalizes the condition of blood vessels. Magnolia-vine increases general tonus, while numerous advantages of ginseng that effectively helps to recover from severe exhaustion are known to everybody. Green tea, meanwhile, works as powerful anti-oxidant.

MacFito Chicory with Chinese herbs is new and unparalleled on the Russian market. The beverage is absolutely unique and it can be said for sure that its useful tonic features and good balanced taste, as well as its conventional up-to-date package, are likely to be appreciated by anyone who cares of everyday natural nutrition.

MacCoffee Stars the G-Drive United Supercup 2014

MacCoffee is ready to amaze and excite all sport fans again and again. To do this, we are joining new kinds of exciting competitions with fans, and also widening the horizons of the world of sports, that might seem traditional and ordinary. The example of the latter practice is the G-Drive United Supercup 2014 that took place at the HaMoshava stadium in Petah-Tiqwa, Israel.

Winter is usually an off-season in soccer due to weather reasons. The teams are training, preparing themselves for the summer. However, due to the MacCoffee hot support, the new away event was implemented by four best teams from Russia and Ukraine. The games took place from Jan 30 to Feb 5, 2014, involving champions and silver medalists from Russia and Ukraine of 2012/2013: CSKA (Moscow), Zenit (Saint-Petersburg), Metallist (Kharkov), Shakhter (Donetsk). It should be noted that Israel was chosen as the place for the Supercup not by coincidence, but due to the fact that all the participants have winter training centers in the country. The game speeds were high and the competition proved very spectacular. The Shakhter from Donetsk was the winner, and the supporters gained the opportunity to enjoy their favorite teams playing between two championship seasons.

The scrolling MacCoffee ad along the field border was looking advantageously as compared with other sponsorship ads of the tour. It can be said without doubt that thanks to support from our company the G-Drive United Supercup 2014 was a success as a significant off-season soccer event.

Hot results: Budapest 2014

Budapest European Figure Skating Championship 2014 came to its conclusion. The results of the Russian team are more than satisfying. 15 year old Russian figures skater Julia Lipnizkaya won the gold medal in women singles category: she improved her own seasonal best by 11,49 and received 209.72 points from the judges. Second year in a row silver medal went to Adelina Sotnikova (202.36). Ice dancing pairs Elena Ilynykh and Nikita Kazalapov took the second place (170.51) loosing to Italian couple only by 1,2 points. Also in men singles category the owner of the silver medal was Sergey Voronov(252.55), and bronze went to Konstantin Menshov (237.24).

The last day our skaters took all medals in pairs category. Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov became three-time European champions and also received the best ever scores in pairs skating history.

MacCoffee will be a hot support for all fans and participants. The main challenge is still ahead: Olympics in Sochi.

Mission Christmas Tree with MacCoffee in Nizhny Novgorod

One cannot imagine winter holidays celebrated without a decorated Christmas fir tree. But the holiday joy is doubled when the tree is a gift from MacCoffee! All inhabitants of Nizhny Novgorod know well that every year at the end of December the First Automobile Radio hosts the MacCoffee’s Christmas tree lottery for all listeners. Good mood is the only thing required to take part – to say nothing of smile and a wish to take lots of prizes from the New Year’s hot sponsor.

How did it all run? During two weeks, the Autoradio team together with Father Frost and his fluffy green fir flock was present at various highways of Nizhny Novgorod. Listeners passing by could just stop and get one of the main winter holidays symbol for free, together with hot gifts from MacCoffee. One could learn about the location of gifts from live air of Autoradio featuring New Year rhymes and jolly songs composed by listeners especially for the date.

Waiting for the festival became a festival itself and happened to be a great success! During the campaign, Autoradio and MacCoffee have given over 100 live firs and hot prizes to inhabitants of Nizhny Novgorod, while listeners drunk plenty of coffee getting charged by good mood for the whole year to come!

Spicy novelty in the Kracks range

Japanese cuisine becomes more and more popular in Russia. Sushi bar is not exotic any more in every town. People like to dissolve wasabi in soy sauce and plunge rolls and sushi there.

Inspired by this, Kracks adds the new Wasabi flavor in the range.

Wasabi is a plant, whose root is traditionally used in Japanese cuisine thanks to bactericidal features and hot spicy flavor.

Kracks Wasabi contains natural wasabi powder what will be appreciated by spice-lovers.

New flavor is offered in 2 package formats (160 and 45 g). As usual, they are in tube that is easily opened and closed.

Please note that all Kracks range is made from desiccated potatoes roasted moderately without oil excess. Kracks chips fit perfectly for lunch ‘on the run’ and also as a snack together with beverages.

‘Test Purchase’ MacCoffee Takes It All!

MacCoffee as a brand is back to confirm its leadership. In early November, the consumer TV show ‘Test Purchase’ featured the survey of instant coffee. Channel 1’s ‘Test Purchase’ provides the most up-to-date consumer information expertise and is the most-known consumer TV show for years.

This time, six brands were up for survey, holding leading positions on the Russian market of natural sublimed coffee. The contest took place in several stages. However, both ‘people’s choice’ votes and experts’ opinions after complicated multi-stage tests were after MacCoffee GOLD.

It’s surely worth special attention that our brand, with its unique taste, is winning such a hard competition again and again. The last year, during the similar survey, MacCoffee GOLD has already been acknowledged the best trademark among this product category.

We are truly happy to celebrate all the company personnel and wish us all to continue maintaining the highest level of our brand!

In MacCoffee consumers trust

On October, 25th the annual ‘Top Popular Brand’ contest was held, and the golden award in the ‘Coffee Drink’ nomination went, by far, to MacCoffee. That’s how consumers showed once more their attitude to the brand and the product.

To win the leadership within this contest, the brand should be the best in top-of-most awareness within the given category, and simultaneously be associated with high quality among them. We’ve got the award, and that means our consumers can easily recall the product and are glad to recommend it to their neighbors and friends. They trust MacCoffee.

MacCoffee is always close to our consumers throughout the country. We are close to people where they need our hot support. During chilling winter walks or near the homelike fireplace, in summer at picnics or in mid-seasons, when everybody would want some extra heat and energy… We’re near and we’re ready!

During the last two years we’ve launched some successful new products that were appreciated by customers. It’s surely not the reason to stop, and we move on. For we love things we do, and we love our customers. Hope this love is somehow mutual. Thank you for your choice!

MacCoffee at the first stage of the Euro Tour

None of significant sport events takes place without MacCoffee now. In this September, the brand took sponsorship over such event again.

Four nations – leading ice hockey team start the official season by matches of the first Euro Tour stage – Czech Hockey Series.

Russian ice hockey players, who left for the official tour opening in their experimental cast, will have their first game with the team of Sweden. Last Spring, during the Czech Series of 2012-2013, the Russian team met with Scandinavians and lost 2:4. It should be noted that these were two leading teams that won gold and silver medals. Swedish hockey players won all three matches, while Russians took over the Czech and Finnish teams, both 2:1

The Czech team will be the last one to counter Russians, their traditional competitors. Though it will be tough to fight, our team can always rely on the hottest support from MacCoffee.

For MacCoffee, this stage of the Euro Tour is the event of utmost importance that continues and develops our tight relationship with all major sport events. In its turn, hockey’s dynamic image will energetically support the brand’s modern message and therefore increase its popularity among fans of this sport.

Surely, bright and attractive ads of MacCoffee will be visible on all boards at the perimeter of the ice field.

We’ll support the Russian team with MacCoffee!

Winning with MacCoffee

MacCoffee is increasing and tightening its partner relationship with the most popular sports. Within this trend, we continue to support the Russian soccer team at all important qualification matches of the ’14 World Championship in Kazan and St. Petersburg.

Thus, on Sep. 6th, the Russian team met the one of Luxembourg, while on Sep. 10th, Russian soccer players fought against the Israeli team at the field where the MacCoffee logo attracted special attention.

By the beginning of this stage of the championship, i.e. after six matches, the Russian team was the second within the F group, with Portuguese team winning by only 2 scores. Russians had one more game ahead as reserve. The teams of Luxembourg and Israel were respectively the 6th and the 3rd. The semi-pro team of Luxembourg needed no more than losing at the visit with decent score. Meanwhile, the match with Israeli players at the Petrovskiy arena was expected to be really tough, as the team from the Middle East were supposed to appear more-than-motivated at the field. Everybody expected that they will fight toughly for silver position in the group against the Russian team, as they were losing by only one score.

Fortunately, the support to the Russian team from MacCoofee and the devoted fans is always hot enough!

That resulted in brilliant victories in both matches, that is, Luxembourg was defeated 4:1 and Israel – quite fundamentally – 3:1. Cheers to the Russian sportsmen!

Bright and attractive, the MacCoffee commercials became a good attribute of top sporting events. Our banners were framing the fields, as usual. We’re always fighting, supporting and winning with MacCoffee. You know that – let all know it!

Mountain Biking with MacCoffee & Kracks

Where there’s fun and sporty mood; where there’s some hot events to attract numerous fans and spectators, where there’s everything new and exciting – that’s just the right place for MacCoffee and Kracks. As the new way to meet our fans, we got involved in MTB downhill competitions that took place at the end of this August in the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria, the Sothern Russian region. This racing event known as Trail King 2013 is hosted near Nalchik city for the third time in a row. It is famous and loved by fans of extreme sports for amazing alpine scenery, sunny summertime weather and high-speed steep slopes.

The arrangement team paid special attention to comfort for spectators and tried to present this event, still not too usual for the South of Russia, to all guests of the Kizilovka park so that nobody would miss it. To do this, large-scale advertising campaign was used, supplemented by brochures describing the rules and safety requirements at the race.

The speed track that is picturesquely crossing small roads in numerous places is over 2 km long. Thanks to the support of MacCoffee and Kracks the event hosts managed to arrange high-class track and set up really interesting competition. There were several rides among three groups of participants divided by skill level. The youngest biker is only 11!

The company also took care on catering for participants who are obviously tired and hungry: at the end of the track, a catering point was set up where free Kraсks chips of all sorts were available.

Special track arrangement helped to place MacCoffee banners along the downhill route. Trail King will be remembered well for participants and spectators alike, as there were no losers: sportsmen experienced their capabilities, while the audience got a huge load of adrenaline. Hope we’ll see some of this year’s spectators again – already riding the track.

Apart from the competition arrangement itself, the sponsorship of MacCoffee and Kracks included gifts for every participant: colourful MacCoffee bags appeared nice surprises that ended these days full of emotions. The bags contained packs of Kraсks chips as well as branded watches, T-shirts and caps. For winners, there were MacCoffee thermo bottle and outdoor picnic kit.

To sum it up, MacCoffee and Kracks means victory even on steep slopes!

MacChoco promotion

MacChoco drink in bright promo package will be on sale in September! Now everybody can buy tasty cocoa and strawberry drink with colorful cup and handy straw.
Promo set includes a package of MacChoco instant cocoa, a package of MacChoco instant drink with strawberry taste, and plastic cup with cover and straw. Children will definitely like handy cup with cover, supplemented with colorful straw. Now drinking cocoa or strawberry milk is even tastier and funnier!

Arts and Coffee, our Gift for Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk, the young fast-expanding city, optimistic about its future, is celebrating its 120th anniversary with large-scale holiday. Although the weather was not too fine, thousands of city dwellers came to the main square. MacCoffee was just the thing to warm everybody.
Among the numerous events of the day, the one arranged by MacCoffee and the Siberian Car Dealers’ Association was well noticed by the audience. 120 special celebration cars were exhibited at the square, as per the anniversary number, to be used as art objects. MacCoffee chose the biggest and most remarkable car of all.
The amazing car graffiti show lasted for the whole day long. Young artists of Novosibirsk wearing branded MacCoffee T-shirts were attracting thousands of spectators as they were devotedly decorating cars. As a result of their efforts, cars dedicated to the city’s anniversary appeared, along with thematic cars (styled as a cup of MacCoffee, for example). Such off-beat contemporary art attracted sincere attention of city dwellers eager to take photo of themselves beside the unique art objects.
At the same time, the concert stage hosted the amazing performance of various music and dance bands, whose show was backed by the MacCoffee logo at the big screen. Nobody could stay untouched by this vivid and colorful performance.
The most remembered event of this evening was, in some ways, the coffee quiz for all guests of the celebration. The beautiful girl who won the competition received the truly deluxe red thermos bottle. The awarding ceremony, accompanied by smiles of thousands of city dwellers, appeared to be a nice ending for grand celebration that nobody could resist.
MacCoffee is glad to congratulate the inhabitants of Novosibirsk with the city’s 120th anniversary once again. See you at the next celebration!

Hillway – the sun of Ceylon in you teacup.

This July appears to be just the time for Food Empire’s new discoveries and achievements. The company is proud to offer the greatest products for true connoisseurs of tea and coffee. This month we are launching a totally new tea brand Hillway. Its peculiarity is that this tea is produced in Ceylon only. Ceylon tea leaf is known for its guaranteed top quality, brilliantly rich flavor and amazing freshness when taken in. It is significant that all blends of Hillway tea are developed by true experts. These are Sri Lanka hi-class tea testers acknowledged throughout the world by their unique skills derived from centuries-long tradition.
It should be said that Hillway product range includes the most popular tastes among the Russians. They are: Royal Ceylon – pure black tea, Fine Earl Grey – black tea with bergamot flavour, so well-known to many, as well as the Classic Green and Oriental Jasmine green tea. Along with the variety of sorts, customers have package options. Loose leaf tea will be available, as well as teabags that can appear more useful in the office.
As usual, launching the new product is accompanied by special gifts and additional bonuses for the tea fans. To promote new brand, the company offers three suitable promo packages: Royal Ceylon tea and Classic Green tea – 25 teabags plus 5 teabags free; Royal Ceylon tea – 100 teabags plus 10 teabags free.
Hillway tea is a real work of tea art. It is devoted to the true connoisseurs of quality, longing for the fresh taste and rich aroma of tea, to bring them some totally new impression.

This Summer’s MacCoffee

The new midsummer is here – so meet our hot ‘Sleepless in Summer’ program, it’s already launched and increasing. For many Russians it’s already a good tradition to spend sunny and funny summer months accompanied by beloved MacCoffee. Hence we have now all reasons to spread our campaign throughout the country, as MacCoffee has already thought global. All the summer long MacCoffee will be placing bright and colorful ads to billboards and public transport in Russia’s major cities and resorts (not limited to seaside!).

We use all summertime’s advantages to the full to spread the good fame again about us. Thousands of tourists now occupying the Black Sea coastline, outdoor adventurers in Altai and Seliger, inhabitants of Siberian towns and guests of the Golden Ring track – they all have opportunities to enjoy the new energy recharge and perfect taste of MacCoffee with the ‘Sleepless Summer’ program. This year the number of places to host the company’s campaign increased dramatically, involving multi-million-strong cities along with resorts. Besides, e.g., in Kazan our ads on public transport will last to the end of November, delivering joy and fun to both dwellers of the town and guests of the foregoing Summer Universiade.

Easy-to-remember billboards by MacCoffee, as well as summertime-bright and attractive branded buses, trolley-buses and microbuses can be met in Biysk, Belokurikha, Barnaul, Gorno-Altaysk, Saratov, Krasnoyarsk, Kazan, Tula, Tver, Saint-Petersburg, Sochi, Krasnodar, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Ufa, Yaroslavl and Vladivostok.

Pram Parade – a cheerful and bright event- gave start to summer 2013 in Siberian capital city

The most exceptional parade was held in Novosibirsk for the third time. More than one hundred “tuned” prams were festively pushed along Pervomaysky public garden on 15 June.

This year really summer weather added even more charm to this funny and creative event. And as the jury members and guests could see with their own eyes, mamas and papas from Novosibirsk had rich imagination and second to none creative talents. Pram Parade participants included airplane pram, a sun, family of Triton- Terror of the Sea, toadstool meadow , turtle and a miracle fish. The spectators and jury members were really touched with «Lillebror and Karlsson-on-the Roof » pram that won the top prize at the end of the day. The number of cups used to make this costume was never disclosed by the authors.… We can say with certainty that this bright and colorful carnival event that each year attracts young talented parents was a great success: much fun, socializing and many gifts.

MacChoco brand could hardly ignore this festivity and prepared a gift for each participant. That day grown-up and the youngest participants of Pram Parade enjoyed the most delicious cocoa drink.

Hot Ice Hockey – Now With MacCoffee

MacCoffee joined in as the official sponsor for TV broadcasting of Ice Hockey World Championship in Latvia and Belarus. These countries are traditionally among those with high grade of interest for ice hockey, so our company was again amidst the top-popular sports event for TV audience in those countries.

The Ice Hockey World Championship has just been finished – at the beginning of May this year it took place in Finland and Sweden. Playing ice hockey? Watching pros play? All better with MacCoffee! Got cold on the ice? MacCoffee will make any game hot and exciting!

MacCoffee can be proud of its promotion activity at the world’s major sport events. We’re sure that this activity will be continued in different fields. Football and figure skating, already traditional for our brand, will be add other spectacular and amazing sport events that will surely attract millions of supporters and sport fans, so that MacCoffee products will certainly find new consumers!

Cheering the Basketball Euro League

Meet MacCoffee as the official sponsor of FIBA Euro League’s Final Four. The famous competition, attracting dozens of thousands fans every year, is the culmination of the most popular basketball tour of Europe. This year, on May 10 and 12, the finals took place in the capital of the UK. It was the first time London hosted the Euro League finals. This year, the four world’s strongest teams met there: CSKA (Moscow), Regal (Barcelona), Real (Madrid), Olympiakos (Athens). The competition was amazingly spectacular in its unpreceeded intensity of sport struggle. For example, the team from Greece that initially was loosing the match for gold managed to get the victory from the competitors at the end, and became the champion. The Russian team got bronze medal of this tour.

Colourful and vivid MacCoffee banners appeared during all the tour at the LED panels surrounding the basketball grounds, so that all participants and guests of the competition could see it continuously. The tour was broadcasted by the leading international companies, including the Russian NTV+ sat channel; this multiplied the audience by hundreds of times and made the MacCoffee trademark even more known and attractive all over the world. It is also worth mentioning that the most of the tour’s fans and participants are young people that will now become our new friends ever after.

It’s an honor for MacCoffee to participate in one of Europe’s most significant sport events. Certainly, we’re longing for further such an interesting and fruitful collaboration.

Supporting basketball with MacCoffee is really becoming a good tradition!

Maslenitsa in Nizhny with MacCoffee

This year, Russian traditional Maslenitsa (the weekend before the Lent) was celebrated on the third weekend of March. On those days, March 16th and 17th, in Nizhny Novgorod MacCoffee sponsored all the events of this year’s festival. According to a traditional belief, nobody may stay at home and avoid the joy, going to festival and celebrating was essential for all. Farewell carnival for winter chill and calling for long-awaited spring were extremely vivid. It looked like nobody of Nizhny inhabitants stayed at home or resisted common joyful atmosphere at the festival. During the celebration, at the main square of the city games and contests took place where MacCoffee delivered hot and tasty prizes.

Our long-term partner – Autoradio – helped us to handle this event, just like in many other cases. For example, for almost a month before the festival congratulations were on air from MacCoffee. On the date of the event, concert was arranged by Autoradio for all guests to dance. As for traditional Maslenitsa attribute, burning of the Winter dummy, it became the most important and truly bright stage of the celebration. Ahead for the Summer!

MacCoffee’s Hot Shots at the Spring Ski Track

On Sunday, March 3rd, in Barnaul the 18th traditional Ski Festival took place. The competition turned a true national-wide event, as it was combined by time with the federal ‘Russian Ski Track’. The festival was arranged in the Altai region by the Maria-Ra retail chain and MacCoffee. Thanks to the latter party’s involvement, the event appeared to become really significant and popular.

The scene was the famous Wide Aisle that gathered together thousands of winter outdoor and recreation enthusiasts. From children to seniors, people were getting out to ski tracks to participate in competitions. It should be said that the weather was not too favorable for skiers this time. Even though, strong winds and pouring rain were unable to stop outdoor fans that weekend. Over fifteen thousand people from Barnaul and other destinations did simultaneously start their ski run while the national anthem was majestically playing. Over 600 liters of various drinks were drunk during the festival, about 16 thousand pancakes eaten, along with 3 tons of gingerbread and wafers, 850 portions of kasha and over 15 thousands hot drinks, MacCoofee being reasonably the most popular of them.

Zagreb as a Rehearsal Before Sochi

In late January, Croatia’s capital hosted this year’s Europe figure skating championship. Top events like this are always good attractors for fans and sport enthusiasts of all ages. Zagreb competitions were not exception, as they gathered thousands of ice-dancing admirers from many countries of the world. Those days, MacCoffee brand was, as usual, in the very center of sport activities, as it acted once again as a ‘hot’ sponsor for this spectacular event. Thrilling intrigue of top-class competitions, delivering passion and joy for supporting favorite competitors and just looking the show is partly thanks to MacCoffee’s intense and successful sponsorship that was appreciated by most of participants and guests of this competition that proved rich for interesting and passionate episodes.

We were doubtlessly proud for Russian team that brought enough high-grade awards to the national score. The team has won 2 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze prizes in Zagreb. It is certain that figure skating is now increasing its popularity since the Sochi Olympics are getting closer – even considering the fact this is one of the favorite winter sport disciplines for Russian audience. We’ll be looking forward to seeing Russian sportsmen performing in Sochi next year.

New Plant for Production of World Famous MacCoffee Launched in Cherkassy Area

On November 20 of 2012, the opening ceremony for the first plant of Food Empire in the Ukraine was held. Food Empire is the manufacturer of the world famous MacCoffee and Petrovskaya Sloboda that is favored by many Ukrainians.  The new plant is located in the city of Zolotonosha in Cherkassy Region.

The opening ceremony for the plant launching and the symbolic stone laying for the second manufacturing facility were attended by:  

Mr. Simon Tensing de Cruz, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Singapore in the Ukraine,

Mr. Sergey Tulub, Head of the Cherkassy Regional State Administration,

Mr. Sudeep Nair, CEO of Food Empire Holding (Singapore),

Mr. Tan Wang Cheow, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Food Empire Holding (Singapore),

Mr. Vitaly Wojciechowski, Mayor of Zolotonosha,

Mr. Sergey Chetverov, Director General of Fes-Ukr Plant.

The Ambassador of Singapore expressed his firm belief that the new manufacturing facility of Food Empire Holding in the Ukraine will become a new page in the development of friendly beneficial ties between our countries and serve as a wonderful example for others to follow.

“The creation and launching of a new plant stand for, first of all, investments of Singapore into the Ukrainian economy, our trust in this country, and confirmation of the fact that one can work here successfully and efficiently,” stated Mr. Simon Tensing de Cruz.

“Out products have been present on the Ukrainian market for over 15 years. Launching of the plant is a significant investment into this region. The Ukraine is of extreme importance to us. Production development here will satisfy the demand for our products among Ukrainians and will help us export them to the markets of the neighboring countries of Eastern Europe,” states Mr. Tan Wang Cheow with confidence.

“All adults in the Ukraine drink coffee. This is a mass-consumption product. The share of our products in the Ukrainian market is around 40%. We are going to expand our presence in the Ukrainian market. We have already invested 180 million hryvnias in the production and next year we plan on making additional investments in the amount of 30 million hryvnias in the first 4 months.  In particular, we are considering a possibility for launching a production line for natural coffee at the plant,” announced Mr. Sudeep Nair.

“It is important that not only jobs are created but appropriate working conditions are created as well. The employees of our plant have decent wages; an average wage is around 3,600 hryvnias a month and is paid on time on a regular basis. The employees get a free bus ride to and from work. The plant provides free meals,” noted Sergey Chetverov.

“Today, we are happy to open a new enterprise that, undoubtedly, will become one of the major enterprises generating budget revenues for the city and an important taxpayer for the region as a whole. Tax contributions to the Pension Fund of the region already stand at 4 million hryvnias, to the city and state budgets – around 10 million hryvnias. The enterprise helps create jobs, and not only at its own facilities. Today, we need so much sugar for our production, that we will keep all the sugar mills of the region busy,” stated Sergey Tulub.

SIAL 2012: Food Empire Holdings in Its Element

On October 2012, Food Empire Holdings took part in one of the most significant events held for the members of the food industry market, the exhibition SIAL 2012. “The food biennale” brought together over 6,000 companies from 100 countries. The event was attended by almost 200,000 professionals and experts.

Food Empire Holdings that for a long time has had a strong position on the global market of food manufacturers showcased 400 instant drinks and food items. Many prominent brands with an excellent reputation on the Russian market, such as MacCoffee, MacChocolate, Kracks, DonNachos, and Cappuccino, were present at the exhibition. The new product line of natural coffee under the MacCoffee Gold brand became one the main specialties and highlights of the exhibition.

SIAL 2012 Forum that has been held since 1964 facilitates closer relations with business partners and helps companies reach out to consumers, as well as expand the network of prospective clientele.  For years, the exhibition that brought all innovations in the food industry under the same roof has been setting the standard of quality and the main trends of the food market.

Thanks to the well thought out strategic plans and efficient distribution maps of Food Empire Holdings, its products fitted perfectly well into the entire gamut of exhibits, confirmed their stable position on the market, and paved the way into the future.

Fall offer at MacChoco

MacChoco drink in bright promo package will be on sale in September! Now everybody can buy tasty cocoa and strawberry drink with colorful cup and handy straw.

Promo set includes a package of MacChoco instant cocoa, a package of MacChoco instant drink with strawberry taste, and plastic cup with cover and straw. Children will definitely like handy cup with cover, supplemented with colorful straw. Now drinking cocoa or strawberry milk is even tastier and funnier!

MacChocolate with thermomug

MacChocolate hot chocolate will cheer you up at any time of the day and will energize and strengthen you. And now all lovers of hot chocolate are offered to taste this delicious drink out of handy cup which will maintain the drink temperature preventing its becoming cold soon.

MacChocolate promo set with thermomug is already available at the stores.

Trade Workers Day Celebration in Bratsk

On July 14, the MacCoffee team took part in the karting competition organized in Bratsk by Group of Companies DALLAS in order to celebrate Trade Workers Day.

The Group of Companies invited 15 trade companies to take part in team and individual races. We are happy that despite insufficient experience in this sport our employee won the 2nd place in individual racing.

Congratulations to the team and Tatyana Matrosova with the well-deserved prize from GC DALLAS!

Grand Celebration of 100th Anniversary of Indian State Bihar

A grand celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Indian state Bihar founding was held at the Palace of Culture of Moscow State Technical University n.a. Bauman on July 28 in Moscow. Products by MacCoffee, MacChocolate, Kracks and Don Nachos were presented to the guests of the event.

The event became an excellent platform for a meeting between the Indian community of the Russian capital and fans of the alluring East. Guests arriving at the celebration immediately immersed themselves into the creative shops of Indian craftsmen, where each of them could purchase hand-made items, traditional national garments, jewelry, and souvenirs. After indulging in “creative food,” guests proceeded to the “kitchen” of the event, where they were served culinary masterpieces of Indian cuisine and refreshments from our company. The wide choice of products from MacCoffee, MacChocolate, Kracks and Don Nachos presented by the promoters with care could satisfy even the most demanding guests of the event.

The gala concert became the climax of the celebration. Ajai Malhotra, Ambassador of India to the Russian Federation, addressed the guests with a welcoming speech. Indian singers Alka Yagnik, Devi Verma, Chetan Rana and a few dance bands performed at the concert.

MacCoffee Gold Passed “Control Purchase”!

MacCoffee Gold (ТМ MacCoffee Gold) took part in “Control Purchase” (“Kontrolnaya Zakupka”), a program of Channel One Russia. The main goal of the program was to determine the finest and most delicious freeze-dried coffee.

Organizers of the TV program selected six coffee brands: MacCoffee Gold, Nescafe Gold, Jacobs, Chornaya Karta, Jockey Imperial, and Tchibo Gold Selection, which all underwent the following tests: 
– coffee tasting by random buyers without knowing the brands; 
– expert evaluation according to the state standard of product quality and safety; 
– lab tests determining the content of caffeine in the product. 


After the consumers’ opinions were summed up and selection by the professional judging panel was performed, only three brands qualified for the final. MacCoffee Gold was one of them. This proves that our coffee is produced according to the best quality standards and in most cases it becomes the number one choice, when purchasing coffee.

Control Purchase is an independent program that is funded by Channel One Russia. It does not hold advertising campaigns and does not cooperate with advertisers in the interests of manufacturing companies.

The program aired on July 31, 2012.

Link to the program for viewing-

MacCoffee – “Don’t Slumber Away the Summer!”

MacCoffee’s federal advertising campaign is in full swing. The new concept “Don’t Slumber Away the Summer!” was launched in the midsummer. During the two hottest months, this bright and catchy advertisement by MacCoffee will be posted on billboards and city public transport.

“Don’t Slumber Away the Summer!” has already become a good tradition for MacCoffee. As the past years have shown, the advertising support at the height of the season is an excellent opportunity to forget about main competitors and energize the advocates of active life style in Altay and on the Seliger Lake. Given the expansion of the brand in Russia, in 2012 the geography of the advertising campaign significantly expanded its boundaries as well. Beside the traditional “resorts,” large cities with the population over 1 million have been added to the list.

The MacCoffee billboards, branded shared ride taxies, trolley buses and buses with MacCoffee images will be seen in the following Russian cities: Sochi, Gelendzhik, Anapa, Novorossiysk, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Barnaul, Belokurikha, Gorno-Altaisk, Biysk, Ufa, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Kazan, Saratov, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Tver, and Vladivostok.

Bridges of Times – City Day 2012, Novosibirsk

“Roads get better, fountains shoot water high into the sky To your health people drink MacCoffee every day. Happy Birthday, Novosibirsk!”


These lines from Mac Coffee addressing the city residents and congratulating them on the city’s main holiday could be heard on the radio long before the holiday. Beside heart-felt wishes, many have been lucky to receive prizes from MacCoffee that were drawn on the city’s popular radio station. The listeners contested for a thermos vying with each other in giving their versions of the Old Russian holidays. Each morning, the radio hosts were showered with humor, positive energy, and barrage of phone calls.

A grand concert on the City Day in Lenin Square, the city’s main square, is an old tradition and one of the symbols of the city holiday. A colorful show accompanied with games and dances was presented on the stage on the 119th anniversary of Novosibirsk. Pop artists from Novosibirsk and Moscow, such as the Night Patrol and Lайт, special guests Sergey Lemokh and the Car-Man group, created an unforgettable music atmosphere of festive fellowship.

The holiday concert was simultaneously broadcast on a large screen above the stage. During short breaks in performance of the famous guests and throughout the whole evening, the viewers could see on the large screen the MacCoffee commercial accompanied by a fiery speech of the concert host about the health benefits offered by the brand products and the pleasure that the company’s drinks could offer. Thanks to the telecast of the holiday concert on a local television channel, hundreds of thousands of city residents that could not come to the city square on that day had an opportunity to indirectly take part in the main holiday of the city.

The holiday is over, but today many start wondering what surprises the next anniversary of the City Day may have in store for them.

Meet new instant drink under MacChoco trademark

Meet new instant drink under MacChoco trademark – instant drink with Strawberry flavor.

MacChoco Strawberry easily turns glass of ordinary milk into a glass of strawberry milk!

To get your cup of tasty strawberry milk just add 3-4 tea spoons into 170ml of hot or warm milk and stir thoroughly!

MacChoco – tasty & healthy instant drinks for children and adults!

“Hot Support” of EURO 2012

This summer, MacCoffee has launched a large-scale federal advertising campaign to support the European Football Championship 2012 (UEFA EURO 2012). This whole June, the brilliant and eye-catching MacCoffee advertisement will be posted on billboards, public transport, and aired on major radio stations of this country.

It is a well-known fact that MacCoffee and football have a long-standing and close friendship. When MacCoffee supports various football events, it enhances brand awareness. Ads are placed in the most visible parts of stadiums or aired during live football broadcasts on federal sports channels. “MacCoffee Hot Support” of UEFA EURO 2012 is an excellent opportunity to join the football community during this momentous event, forget about major coffee competitors, and strengthen the position of the ACTIVE brand.

The eye-catching MacCoffee billboards, branded shared ride taxies and buses with MacCoffee images can be seen in many Russian resorts and large cities, including Sochi, Gelendzhik, Anapa, Novorossiysk, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Barnaul, Belokurikha, Gorno-Altaisk, Biysk, Ufa, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Kazan, Saratov, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Tver, and Vladivostok.

The residents of Yekaterinburg, Saratov, and Nizhny Novgorod can tune into their radios and listen to the catchy commercial supporting the Championship on the most popular radio stations Europa Plus, Russian Radio, and Autoradio.

UEFA EURO 2012™ Poland-Ukraine, EURO 2012 will be the 14th European Championship or the football tournament between European countries that is held by UEFA every fourth year. Poland and Ukraine will be co-hosting the final part of the tournament. Football matches will start with the opening game on June 8, 2012 in Warsaw and will end on July 1, 2012 with the final game in Kiev. This is going to be the third tournament in the history of the European national football championships to be co-hosted by two countries.

Gold Standard for Coffee Lovers

Enjoying the popularity on the instant coffee market and the love of many coffee lovers, MacCoffee has prepared a real surprise for true connoisseurs of this invigorating drink! Production of natural coffee under the famous Gold brand has already started.

MacCoffee stands out as a brand known for its rich, pleasant flavor, and easy-to-make method. MacCoffee has been rightfully recognized as the leading brand of the major markets – Russia, Kazakhstan, and the Ukraine.

Coffee connoisseurs will admit that making coffee is almost a ritual; it is a sacrament. Coffee lovers use their unique “shamanic” tools – from coffee makers to coffee pots – for creating a simmering masterpiece in a cup.

MacCoffee Gold allows numerous possibilities for creativity: there is fine ground coffee in a big package 250 g, its medium-roast flavor gratifying any demanding coffee lover. MacCoffee Gold also comes in coffee beans and will be a pleasant surprise to those who prefer going through all the steps of coffee making, even grinding coffee beans.

Whether you are having a cup of freshly brewed MacCoffee Gold in a company of close friends, or you are doing it alone, while enjoying a good book, this drink will bring you pleasure and invigorate you. You will definitely appreciate the rich flavor of natural MacCoffee Gold!

To Victory with MacCoffee!

MacCoffee became the exclusive partner of the football mini tournament between the State Duma deputies representing two parties – United Russia and the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia. The tournament was held at the Luzhniki Sports Complex on April 26, 2012.

On April 26, the Luzhniki Sports Complex gathered representatives of the two rival parties and, of course, those who love to toss the football around. The scorching heat and the number of “stars” on the teams made this day truly hot. Many famous personalities came to root for the teams: Marat Safin, Alexander Zhukov, Dmitry Nosov, Andrey Lugovoy, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, and others.

Considerate female promoters served coffee to the participants of the mini tournament, offering them to either have MacCoffee Max Ice Classic and cool off or try MacCoffee Max Strong and boost their energy. The State Duma deputies were presented with MacCoffee towels as souvenirs to remember this day by.

The match ended with 2:1 to United Russia. The winner received the prize from the hands of the former heavyweight boxer and current State Duma deputy Nikolai Valuev.

To Victory with MacCoffee!

Corn chips DONNACHOS

DONNACHOS is a new brand of corn chips which are called “nachos”. Our chips are made of high-quality corn. First the corn seeds are soaked and then are milled by mill-stones according to the authentic method used in Mexico long time ago. After that the chips are broiled over the fire.

Corn chips are the most popular snack in Mexican cuisine. They are served with sauces, dressings, salads and are added to different dishes.

DONNACHOS chips are an ideal appetizer for a party or meeting with friends. It is a special product that creates the sensation of joy and comfort. They are also perfectly suitable for vegetarians.

Oriental things….

Following the popular MacCoffee Gold and Premium we launched a special blend Arabica for the lovers of the fine taste of coffee.

Today Arabica comes to 70% as the largest portion of all produced coffee in the world. This kind of coffee became popular in spite of difficulties in cultivation and high cost of growing the crops. The popularity is in its delicate and slightly sour taste.

MacCoffee Arabica is not only the rich taste blend of selected Arabica beans. It has also a specific perception of the most premium blend in MacCoffee freeze dried coffee collection.

Orient style of MacCoffee Arabica is outstanding on the store shelves and attracts the customers. We offer MacCoffee Arabica in new economic packing 75g and 150g. We are sure, unique blend and fantastic aroma won’t leave indifferent even the true lovers of coffee.

MacChocolate promo-pack with spoon

Special winter offer! MacChocolate promo-pack with spoon: enjoy the Original flavor of hot chocolate MacChocolate, use special MacChocolate spoon for stirring. Spoon is inside the promo-pack.

MacCoffee supported figure skaters in Sheffield

In the end of January the 2012 European Figure Skating Championships was held in Sheffield (Great Britain), where MacCoffee brand was a traditional official sponsor.

Our company has been supporting this beautiful and elegant kind of sport for many years. Firstly, this is wonderful opportunity to associate ice dance performance with brand, giving it more energy, brightness and freshness, and the second thing is to give a “hot” support to our Russian team.

This year, besides placing board advertising and TV-broadcasting there was designed special promo packing which gave more status for brand and increased product’s popularity in the market.

The results of the entire event: Russian team has got 7 medals: 2 golden, 3 silver and 2 bronze. Olympic Champion 2006, triple world champion – Evgeny Plushenko got one more golden medal.

We congratulate all winners and we are sure that close relations between MacCoffee and figure skating in further years will strengthen and will make image of brand more active and modern.

FES PRODUCT – the factory with high social responsibility

On the 20th of January, in Dmitrov there was held the annual economic forum where the several companies were granted with the award “Dmitrovskye rostki 2011”.

The head of Dmitrovsky region presented the honorary awards to directors of the factories which made substantial contribution to economical and social spheres of the region in 2011. FES PRODUCT received the award as the “The factory with high social responsibility”.

Today FES PRODUCT is the best socially oriented factory in Dmitrovsky region. The management of the factory pays high attention to employee’s personal and professional development providing trainings; the program “Coaching” is well developed; there is  a  regular competition between colleagues “Best in profession”, which stem high efficiency work. The employees receive many social benefits: vocation vouchers, health programs, free dinners, transportation and many more.

We congratulate all FES PRODUCT employees and chief operating officer – Anisimkin Sergey with this high achievement.

Great New Year in Novosibirsk with MacCoffee

During winter holidays MacCoffee warmest greetings were heard in all parts of big city of Novosibirsk.

MacCoffee was a sponsor of New Year radio game “while the clock’s striking 12” on one of the popular radio station.  The participants had to challenge a quest of the DJ, while chimes sound is over.  The winners received the prizes from the “tasty hot sponsor”.

On the 7th of January at the main New Year venue (central park) there were Christmas round dances. MacCoffee was the main sponsor of the event  and almost all the visitors received a gift from MacCoffee. There were special games between two teams: “Mac” and “Coffee”. One of the games was to recall songs with the coffee theme.  As the apex of the event was a spectacular MacCoffee laser show with the warmest greetings to Novosibirsk.

MacCoffee participated also in the Russian Family Slides Championship «Golden Slides», where children with the parents competed in fastest snow slides down the hill.

One of the magical places in winter time is the bank of the Ob river. Each year the new ice cube city is built in that park. The main place was given to the 2 meter high cup of MacCoffee craved out of massive ice cubes. It was surrounded by the banners, and was equipped with the fantastic illumination at night.

MacCoffee shares New Year happiness with people of Nizhni Novgorod

During winter period in December in Nizhni Novgorod MacCoffee and Autoradio created a real festival of great New Year tree give-away. A radio DJ held a stunning contest and the drivers had to listen to the special sign and catch Ded Moroz on the road. Ded Moroz gave out great prizes, and the drivers received a refreshing cup of MacCoffee. The contest was announced for three weeks, and there was a special greetings from MacCoffee. More than 100 people participated in the contest and more than 150 thousand people listened to the contest daily.

Winter Upslope

During entire winter time MacCoffee brand is advertised on Dmitrovskoe Shosse. This is the most popular direction for the lovers of the winter sports (skis, snow boarding, etc.). More than 70 thousand cars used this direction every day. Winter Upslope – is the moto for young people to have an active winter holidays with the hot support of MacCoffee. The campaign is aimed at the young people who spend a lot of time at the hills of Dmitrovskoe Shosse.

MacFito Chicory

MacFito Chicory  is a new product in line with other high-quality instant drinks of Future Enterprises. This drink along with the high-standard quality has unique healthy features. MacFito  is a special brew from natural chicory, produced with a high-end technology where maximum of useful vitamins and microelements are gently maintained. One of those is inulin. WITH NO COFFEE ADDITION!!! Inulin helps to reduce cholesterol, to clear body of chemical waste, improves gastrointestinal tract.

MacFito has light and stylish design, which reflects the nature of the product and its healthy meaning. Not only loyal -to-chicory consumer will like this style, but also new-to-chicory people who search for healthy natural products.

MacFito is produced in multilayer package doy-pack with the zip-locker, which keeps product fresh for a long period.

MacCoffee – “Brand #1 in Russia”

MacCoffee once again proved to be № 1 Brand in Russia”. According to the National survey conducted by one of the leading business companies, the vast majority out of 250 000 people chose MacCoffee as their favorite coffee drink. This brand contest is taking place every year and broadcasted on the National TV. This victory is the prove that consumers vote for MacCoffee brand not only with their money, but also with hearts. It is an indication of high awareness, popularity, and ultimate advantage against the competitors. The official award, MacCoffee will receive on 9-th of December in the Kremlin Palace, where will be invited all winners and will be holding award ceremony and gala-concert with popular singers and artists. We thank our consumers, partners, colleagues: all those who make MacCoffee bigger and tastier.

MacCoffee supports Russia

A second leg match between the national football teams of Russia and Armenia was played in St. Petersburg on the 4th of June. During their last game in Yerevan the Armenian defense was unbeatable. However, once on the home ground, supported by their fans on the stadium and those in front of the TVs alike, and powered by a fierce desire to win, our team has finally took over, and now Russia is the leader in the group. We are utterly happy to contribute to its victories in the future and we strongly hope it will show great results at the European Championship. Support the Russian football team together with MacCoffee!

MacCoffee in Switzerland

The European Skating Championships 2011 were held in Bern, the Swiss capital. For a week it became a capital city for the entire Europe. MacCoffee was one of the official sponsors of the event. Hot coffee and cold ice have always been a great duo at the Figure Skating Championships, so that MacCoffee has been sponsoring the event for years in a row,. It helped enhancing the image of the company and increased customer loyalty. Moreover, sport activities are always associated with dynamics and future, and this kind of sponsorship helps MacCoffee to remain a ‘young’ brand. The Russian figure skaters performed really well this year, but even brighter victories are yet to come, and MacCoffee will continue to contribute to the great achievements of Russian sportsmen.

MacCoffee® is the official sponsor of the European Skating Championships 2010

In line with the tradition that was established in 2005 when MacCoffee® became a sponsor of the European Skating Championships for the first time, MacCoffee is taking this role again now.

MacCoffee® is privileged again to have a right to be the official sponsor of the European Skating Championships, a popular sports event where all countries of the European continent are in.

From 19 to 24 of January 2010 Saku Suurhall becomes the stage for the best figure skaters of the Old World that will compete for the title of the European champions. That remarkable event will take place in Tallinn just a month before the start of the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. In Tallinn you will get a unique chance to see all most impressive figure skaters in Europe some of which are expected to become future Olympic champions.

For many years by now, MacCoffee® supports figure skating as a sport and makes sure this beautiful sport will be developed further. We sincerely wish success to all the participants of the European Skating Championships 2010!

The European Skating Championships 2010, 1st day results 

The European Figure Skating Championships 2010 has started in Tallinn. That’s the last major figure skating competition before the Olympics, and the results directly influence the national line-up for them. World champions pass the cut automatically.

MacCoffee® has been keeping a close eye on everything that has been happening on the ice rink in Tallinn and has been a sincere aficionado of the Russian team

Our warm congratulations go to Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin, Yana Khokhlova and Sergey Novitski who triumphed in the compulsory dance. We also appreciated the show of Yuko Kawaguchi and Alexandr Smirnov, as well as the one by Maria Mukhortova and Maxim Trankov.

Support Russian athletes with MacCoffee®!


Men: Evgeni Plushenko, Sergey Voronov.

Women: Ksenia Makarova, Alena Leonova, Oksana Gozeva.

Couples: Yuko Kawaguchi and Aleksandr Smirnov, Maria Mukhortova and Maxim Trankov, Vera Bazarova and Yuri Larionov.

Dance: Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin, Yana Khokhlova and Sergey Novitski, Yekaterina Bobrova and Dmitriy Solovyev.

The European Skating Championships 2010  

The second day of competitions has become such a happy day for numerous fans of figure skating.

Russian figure skaters Aleksandr Smirnov and Yuko Kawaguchi won the first gold medal of the European Skating Championship in Tallinn. Trained by Tamara Moskvina, they showed unprecedented results in free dance and set their personal and a new world record. 

Meanwhile Evgeni Plushenko step on the rink again, conquered hearts of the audience as he always does and set a new personal record: 91.30.

Chocolate delight

MacChocolate® has long been popular already. Its rich velvety smooth taste has become familiar to millions. But we never cease striving for perfection. Meet new MacChocolate®!

New package design, yet higher quality and yet better taste!

The changes started with the new package design and format as to make it more convenient and attractive for our consumers.

Our perfectionist ambitions go yet further, so we strive to make the taste better too. The MacChocolate® taste became much more intense and clear because we now use cacao powder with higher cacao oil content.

We are also pleased to offer something very special to lovers of creamy stuff: we added a new Cream flavour to the MacChocolate® range which is softer and smoother than the original one. Just like chocolate lovers can be divided into those that prefer dark varieties or milk one, among MacChocolate® lovers there will surely be those who would still prefer the Original flavour, and those who will switch over to the Cream flavour.

MacCoffee supports the Russian national football team again!

On March 3 the Russian and the Hungarian team will meet in the city of Gyor for a friendly game. The match will start 9:30pm Moscow time and will be broadcasted on TV (the First channel in Russia).

That’s the last game for Guus Hiddink while he still holds his position as a coach of the Russian national team. It is expected to be a very bright game, as Hiddink enjoys offensive play which is adored everywhere in the world.

Despite the fact the Russian team failed to pass the cut for the World Championship this year, we believe that the future will bring us success.

The Russian national team is looking forward to work with a new coach, while we are looking forward to its new victories together with MacCoffee.

Support Russian teams with MacCoffee!

The European Skating Championships 2010

The second day of competitions has become such a happy day for numerous fans of figure skating.

Russian figure skaters Aleksandr Smirnov and Yuko Kawaguchi won the first gold medal of the European Skating Championship in Tallinn. Trained by Tamara Moskvina, they showed unprecedented results in free dance and set their personal and a new world record. 

Meanwhile Evgeni Plushenko step on the rink again, conquered hearts of the audience as he always does and set a new personal record: 91.30.

The European Skating Championships 2010, 1st day results

The European Figure Skating Championships 2010 has started in Tallinn. That’s the last major figure skating competition before the Olympics, and the results directly influence the national line-up for them. World champions pass the cut automatically.

MacCoffee® has been keeping a close eye on everything that has been happening on the ice rink in Tallinn and has been a sincere aficionado of the Russian team

Our warm congratulations go to Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin, Yana Khokhlova and Sergey Novitski who triumphed in the compulsory dance. We also appreciated the show of Yuko Kawaguchi and Alexandr Smirnov, as well as the one by Maria Mukhortova and Maxim Trankov.

Support Russian athletes with MacCoffee®!


Men: Evgeni Plushenko, Sergey Voronov.

Women: Ksenia Makarova, Alena Leonova, Oksana Gozeva.

Couples: Yuko Kawaguchi and Aleksandr Smirnov, Maria Mukhortova and Maxim Trankov, Vera Bazarova and Yuri Larionov.

Dance: Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin, Yana Khokhlova and Sergey Novitski, Yekaterina Bobrova and Dmitriy Solovyev.

МАХimum result

MacCoffee® has launched a complete new product: coffee in sticks. It targets young people on the move. Bright packaging, advantageous convenience and a great price all strengthen the position of this new product and leave no space to doubt it will be very successful.

We are sure that none of our competitors has anything that would be more attractive in this category.

MacCoffee® Max targets young, active, dynamic customers who live in big cities. They are ambitious, self-confident and they have a good sense of humour. They are excited about everything that is new. And sometimes they just follow their impulses and tend to risk, but otherwise they are pragmatic and goal-driven. They are very sociable, concerned about their career and interested in the world. They like trendy stuff and have wide interests.

Why would they appreciate new MacCoffee® sticks? Simply because it fits all their needs! It features bright and unique package design, it’s pleasant to feel the package and open it, anticipating refreshing aromatic whiffs coming from inside the pack. It catches your eye on a shelf in a store, it’s easy to carry around and the price tag is extremely competitive!

Sure enough, price and package are not everything. But having tried MacCoffee®, a consumer will certainly go back to it conquered by its unforgettable taste.

Is there anything better than taking a break on a busy day and treating yourself to a cup of a rich taste coffee? Our customers believe that’s one of the biggest pleasures in life. We cannot but agree with them.

Don’t oversleep your summer!

This summer several Russian cities will host an outdoor advertising campaign “Don’t oversleep the summer”. The slogan was carefully chosen and reflects the fact that each of us needs rest, and many just can’t wait for summer to come as it’s a holiday season we dream of.

In summer we spend a lot of time outside, and each person has his own idea of a perfect holiday: someone pictures gathering friends on a river bank and spending days fishing, someone can’t wait to start sunbathing and feeling sea breeze. The ad campaign will involve traditional summer spots for Russian tourists: Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik, Novorossiysk, as well as in various places of the popular Altai region.

MacCoffee supports the Russian national football team again!

On March 3 the Russian and the Hungarian team will meet in the city of Gyor for a friendly game. The match will start 9:30pm Moscow time and will be broadcasted on TV (the First channel in Russia).

That’s the last game for Guus Hiddink while he still holds his position as a coach of the Russian national team. It is expected to be a very bright game, as Hiddink enjoys offensive play which is adored everywhere in the world.

Despite the fact the Russian team failed to pass the cut for the World Championship this year, we believe that the future will bring us success.

The Russian national team is looking forward to work with a new coach, while we are looking forward to its new victories together with MacCoffee.

Support Russian teams with MacCoffee!

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