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MacCoffee warms up and gives energy at Russia’s main skating rink at VDNH

Winter is the time for unforgettable parties, meeting friends and relatives, and of course for outdoor fun. For any case, MacCoffee’s flavorous drinks are there for you. This winter, MacCoffee is the official coffee provider for the world’s largest artificial skating rink that opened on December 1st at VDNH, Moscow. Its motto says, “The Winter of Your Feats”. That means that, apart from skating, visitors are also welcome to take part in contests and flashmobs related to winter sports and to take pictures with unique art objects. One of them is a must for coffee lovers. It’s a two-meter high MacCoffee glass, standing right on the ice. Children and adults love to pose near it; it is also a great meeting point. MacCoffee colorful signs and symbols are also seen at the borders of the skating area. After taking a good deal of pictures (hashtags #КатокВДНХ) and of course having a great skating time (the rink is more than 20 thousand square meters large; it takes you at least 15 minutes to follow its entire perimeter), the time comes to take a break, have some coffee and gain energy for moving on. MacCoffee is there for you, again! Its products are offered at all catering points across the rink. Beside black coffee, so delicious and so well-known to anyone, MacCoffee is also happy to offer something new: Cappuccino Di Torino, with a soft milk foam and chocolate crumbs, made under an original Italian recipe to keep you warm during a Russian winter. Andrey Glazunov, a blogger we all know well, didn’t miss this awesome event. He even made a vine on Instagram to promote Cappuccino Di Torino. Enjoy:  Speaking of real winter: MacCoffee is also the official coffee partner of the main skating arena in Novosibirsk. The rinks shall be open until spring is there to stay. And then, MacCoffee is ready to bring new projects and new flavors for all of you, fans of sports and fun activities.