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Arts and Coffee, our Gift for Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk, the young fast-expanding city, optimistic about its future, is celebrating its 120th anniversary with large-scale holiday. Although the weather was not too fine, thousands of city dwellers came to the main square. MacCoffee was just the thing to warm everybody.
Among the numerous events of the day, the one arranged by MacCoffee and the Siberian Car Dealers’ Association was well noticed by the audience. 120 special celebration cars were exhibited at the square, as per the anniversary number, to be used as art objects. MacCoffee chose the biggest and most remarkable car of all.
The amazing car graffiti show lasted for the whole day long. Young artists of Novosibirsk wearing branded MacCoffee T-shirts were attracting thousands of spectators as they were devotedly decorating cars. As a result of their efforts, cars dedicated to the city’s anniversary appeared, along with thematic cars (styled as a cup of MacCoffee, for example). Such off-beat contemporary art attracted sincere attention of city dwellers eager to take photo of themselves beside the unique art objects.
At the same time, the concert stage hosted the amazing performance of various music and dance bands, whose show was backed by the MacCoffee logo at the big screen. Nobody could stay untouched by this vivid and colorful performance.
The most remembered event of this evening was, in some ways, the coffee quiz for all guests of the celebration. The beautiful girl who won the competition received the truly deluxe red thermos bottle. The awarding ceremony, accompanied by smiles of thousands of city dwellers, appeared to be a nice ending for grand celebration that nobody could resist.
MacCoffee is glad to congratulate the inhabitants of Novosibirsk with the city’s 120th anniversary once again. See you at the next celebration!