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MacCoffe and Pyatnica tv channel gave away dream getaways to competition winners

MacCoffee in collaboration with Pyatnica tv channel are celebrating two happy occasions — the release of MacCoffee Strong and the successful reboot of the Orel ili Reshka (Heads or Tails) tv-show — with an exciting competition “I want to go on a getaway!” The gifts were impressive — trips to one of the cities visited by the hosts of “Head or Tails: Rebooted”, and the competition was fierce. According to the rules two winners were to be chosen, and each could take a friend with them! All through December the many competitors signed up. They had to follow several simple steps: choose their “dream city” on a special website, sign up with their social media account, join the MacCoffee page and share a post with their preferred dream city. Istanbul or London? Peking or Tokyo? Ibiza or Barcelona? The venturesome lovers of MacCoffee were faced with a difficult choice. In the end the prizes were trips to the Canaries and Zanzibar, and the winners were Ekaterina Khalikova and Kristina Scherbakova respectively. The wonderful voyagers are already the reading their guide books and packing their luggage. Their example proves that any dream can become a reality, you just need a little luck and, of course, a love for coffee. By the way, MacCoffee Strong doesn’t just offer a distinct taste and some additional energy, it also makes us a little stronger and tougher with each sip, which are the exact things you need to win and to learn about the world. Because there are new competitions and new voyages ahead.