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MacCoffee has become part of the reload of OREL&Reshka at Pyatnica TV

The 6-year story of the legendary travel show covers over 100 cities, numerous memories, emotions, and stories. Now, time has come to return to many of them, which have changed a lot in the last years. New presenters are ready to help rediscover the familiar: fashion blogger Anastasia Ivleeva (over 6.1 mln subscribers on Instagram!) and showman, DJ and TV presenter Anton Ptushkin. MacCoffee drinks have always been there for our presenters and the entire crew throughout their hard but exciting journeys, helping them recover after the long flights, switch from one thing to another and of course look and feel awesome during the never ending work! Some cities were quite chilly, so our friends from Orel&Reshka had a great chance to set store by the heating effect of MacCoffee. The talented presenters had no problem reloading the colorful Mumbai, welcoming Shanghai, many-faced Beijing, ancient Edinburgh, magic Dublin, posh London, passionate Barcelona, and many others. See new episodes on RUTUBE and drink MacCoffee – so you feel the same way about those places as our presenters did!