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Hillway brings a taste of Ceylon to Sochi

Three years ago, we launched a range of Hillway tea featuring nine flavors that are especially popular in Russia. No doubt that tea lovers will find or have found their favorite version, be it classical black or green, stimulating black tea with bergamot or refreshing green with jasmine notes. Hillway is also popular thanks to its handy package, coming in 25 or 100 tea bags, and of course to its outstanding Ceylon quality, thoroughly selected by tea testers, the “tea sommeliers”, at Sri Lanka.

Every day Hillway is gaining new fans thanks to its summer advertising campaign in Sochi during the peak season. Throughout July and August, the two summer months when most tourists come to the Olympic city, Hillway will be demonstrating its billboards. The nice landscape and the slogan “From Ceylon tea plantations to your cup” grab the attention of anyone living in or visiting Sochi, encouraging them to try this rich beverage whose freshness is guaranteed by the FRESH TEA mark.