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MacChoco supports young athletes in children’s football camp Ajax Camps

Ajax Camps is children’s sports and recreation camp in Bronnitsy, a town near Moscow, where during school break young football players spend their time in the company of famous Dutch and Russian coaches from the legendary Ajax Academy! The MacChoco hot chocolate is their number one choice whenever they need to get a quick energy boost after football practice and feel energized and happy in the morning!

The camp’s activities revolve around football! The training program includes 2 and 3 practice sessions a day; an intense day is followed by a less strenuous day. Practice sessions are prepared and conducted by Ajax coaches according to a specially devised system that is called to help the young athletes practice a wide array of football skills. With this busy schedule, eating right is vital for the children. MacChoco has become an ideal supplement for the young athletes’ diet! MacChoco is made of natural cocoa powder, which makes it an invigorating, energizing and mood-lifting drink that helps the young body of an athlete cope with intense training! The young athletes drink MacChoco at breakfast or supper every day and are always fit for new challenges!