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“Narodnaya Marka”: MacCoffee wins again!

MacCoffee has again proven its nationwide recognition. The 21st of October 2015, the results of the Narodnaya Marka (People’s Brand) national voting were announced, stating that this brand has won in the Best Coffee Beverage category, becoming the No. 1 Brand in Russia for two more years. This means that the voters mentioned MacCoffee more often than other brands when asked about coffee beverages, calling it a brand they love, trust, and recommend to friends and families.
That’s maybe the best evidence of MacCoffee quality and another proof of the fact that Russians really appreciate the rich aroma and flavor of our coffee – and the easiness of making it. Getting a perfect cup of coffee for breakfast, for lunch at the office or just during work, in a trip or at an outing has never been that easy! Also, given that MacCoffee is really popular, you can buy it anywhere – and will of course find your favorite variety in the nearest store.
We are always controlling the quality of our products, expanding the product range, improving the package and trying to be as close to you as possible, taking into account the wishes of our loyal customers and the ones who are just planning to try MacCoffee. The Narodnaya Marka sign proves that we are on the right track. Thanks for all your support!