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In MacCoffee consumers trust

On October, 25th the annual ‘Top Popular Brand’ contest was held, and the golden award in the ‘Coffee Drink’ nomination went, by far, to MacCoffee. That’s how consumers showed once more their attitude to the brand and the product.

To win the leadership within this contest, the brand should be the best in top-of-most awareness within the given category, and simultaneously be associated with high quality among them. We’ve got the award, and that means our consumers can easily recall the product and are glad to recommend it to their neighbors and friends. They trust MacCoffee.

MacCoffee is always close to our consumers throughout the country. We are close to people where they need our hot support. During chilling winter walks or near the homelike fireplace, in summer at picnics or in mid-seasons, when everybody would want some extra heat and energy… We’re near and we’re ready!

During the last two years we’ve launched some successful new products that were appreciated by customers. It’s surely not the reason to stop, and we move on. For we love things we do, and we love our customers. Hope this love is somehow mutual. Thank you for your choice!