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MacCoffee in bed. Strictly 18+.

Digital special project “MacCoffee in bed” was developed for the period of Russian gender holidays from February 14 to March 9, 2019 (project can be reached by clicking the link: The goal of this project is to diversify sexual lives of couples and help them to avoid talking on awkward topics. On the landing page developed for her and for him user may select fantasies that he would like to try with his partner. After that, user should send the individually generated link to his partner, the partner makes his own “to try” list, as a result, both parties see only the common fantasies. Moreover, after passing the test, each user gets a funny result naming his role (for example, you might be “a passionate pool cleaner”), which he can share in the social networks in order to take part in the competition and get a chance to win one night in a luxury hotel with his partner and try out common fantasies.

A variety of digital marketing tools and platforms have been used for promoting the project: VKontakte & Facebook & Instagram, bloggers (Instagram, LiveJournal), telegram channels, VK Podslushano and seeding in other VK societies, Lifehacker. Results were more than amazing. We are pleased that our project has turned out so viral and relevant for many couples throughout Russia.

Do not be afraid of talking to your partner. After all, talking to your partner is as easy as inviting him or her for a cup of MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino. Love and be loved.

Pass the test with you partner by clicking the link: