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European Figure Skating Championship 2018 in Moscow

New year in 2018 started off with the most notable event in Moscow – the European Figures Skating Championship. MacCoffee relentlessly gives hot support to skaters and fans of this spectacular event. Beautiful and graceful sport took place in the heart of the best skating nation in January 2018. Millions of fans were closely watching the young and daring skaters to compete for the gold medal of the champion. Alina Zagitova, Carolina Costner, Eugenia Medvedeva, Xavier Fenandes, and many others skaters performed on one of the best skating arenas in Russia (Mega Sport) to present the crème de la crème of the figure skating mastership. One of the best performances of this championship can be viewed followed the link MacCoffee was proud to present its new product Cappuccino di Torino for all of the guests of this event. Tender foam, real dark chocolate, and authentic Italian taste along with the unforgettable show created a fabulous atmosphere of true sport holiday.