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On August ,12th and 13th, a bright celebration of India National Day endorsed by MacCoffee took place in Moscow. On the occasion of the festival, the Central Stage and the Big Circle of Sokolniki park were transformed into small India. The program offered Indian film show, souvenir market, delicious cuisine and a flood of emotions. To get a deeper feel of India in all its colors, everyone had a chance to be photographed against a miniature copy of Taj Mahal built by MacCoffee and win a coffee prize. The visitors’ photos can be found in social networks using #страстьсмаккофе (#passionwithmaccoffee) hashtag. Also, by tradition, we continued inviting famous bloggers to the events sponsored by MacCoffee. This time the coverage of the festival was trusted to the muscovite Kirill Didenok (233 thousand subscribers) and his Saint-Pete colleague Yuriy Kuznetsov (1 million subscribers). As a result, Kirill got over 30 thousand viewings and 10 thousand likes, while Yuriy hit over 826 thousand viewings and 77 thousand likes. You can watch their videos here: