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MacCoffee, Hillway, Petrovskaya Sloboda say “Thank you!” to all healthcare workers fighting against COVID-19

Food Empire brands represented by MacCoffee, Hillway and Petrovskaya Sloboda has provided free products to regions in Russia that had the most impact from COVID-19. It is unfortunate that instead of enjoying spring time, the world and Russia are facing a terrible coronavirus pandemic. We understand that the current situation may seem bleak and sometimes it is difficult to stay positive and be hopeful. However we need to do our parts and do anything we can to help stop the spread of the virus and stay safe. Healthcare workers are in the frontline as they tirelessly fight COVID-19 24/7. We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all frontline workers and healthcare staff provide them with all the possible support that we can. As for now, more than 40,000 portions of сoffee and tea have been delivered to 9 Russian cities, including Moscow and Saint Petersburg. We hope and believe that our products will delight our saviours during their short coffee breaks. We are very pleased that we can contribute in this global fight against COVID-19 pandemic on behalf of Food Empire. Stay safe! #WEWORKFORYOU