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MacCoffee Cappucino di Torino at Boogel Woogel and GrelkaFest

In March and April 2018 at the most popular skiing resorts in Russia Rosa Khutor and Sheregesh there were held to mindblowing event BoogelWoogel and GrelkaFest. These are the skiing carnivals with the craziest and most outrageous fans and participants. More than 30 000 people participated in both festivals and record high 1500 people mad a bikini slide in winter. The quantity of people actively participating in the event is close to Guinness Record and Russian Records. This year MacCoffee is actively promoting the new product of the year MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino. The unique MacCoffee Coliseum was set up as one of the main scenes of the event. All of the quests could visit the brand zone to give a new cappuccino a try. Besides MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino was selected as an honor sponsor product for the beauty contest. MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino was very popular among the guests, contestants and helped to get warm in the middle of the snowy mountains. We are happy to share with the most interesting photos and videos of this event. Popular Instagram blogger video Natalya Dayy is discovering the ways to get warm Aftermovies BOOGELWOOGEL GRELKAFEST Photo report: BOOGELWOOGEL GRELKAFEST