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MacCoffee Gold Passed “Control Purchase”!

MacCoffee Gold (ТМ MacCoffee Gold) took part in “Control Purchase” (“Kontrolnaya Zakupka”), a program of Channel One Russia. The main goal of the program was to determine the finest and most delicious freeze-dried coffee.

Organizers of the TV program selected six coffee brands: MacCoffee Gold, Nescafe Gold, Jacobs, Chornaya Karta, Jockey Imperial, and Tchibo Gold Selection, which all underwent the following tests: 
– coffee tasting by random buyers without knowing the brands; 
– expert evaluation according to the state standard of product quality and safety; 
– lab tests determining the content of caffeine in the product. 


After the consumers’ opinions were summed up and selection by the professional judging panel was performed, only three brands qualified for the final. MacCoffee Gold was one of them. This proves that our coffee is produced according to the best quality standards and in most cases it becomes the number one choice, when purchasing coffee.

Control Purchase is an independent program that is funded by Channel One Russia. It does not hold advertising campaigns and does not cooperate with advertisers in the interests of manufacturing companies.

The program aired on July 31, 2012.

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