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Maslenitsa in Nizhny with MacCoffee

This year, Russian traditional Maslenitsa (the weekend before the Lent) was celebrated on the third weekend of March. On those days, March 16th and 17th, in Nizhny Novgorod MacCoffee sponsored all the events of this year’s festival. According to a traditional belief, nobody may stay at home and avoid the joy, going to festival and celebrating was essential for all. Farewell carnival for winter chill and calling for long-awaited spring were extremely vivid. It looked like nobody of Nizhny inhabitants stayed at home or resisted common joyful atmosphere at the festival. During the celebration, at the main square of the city games and contests took place where MacCoffee delivered hot and tasty prizes.

Our long-term partner – Autoradio – helped us to handle this event, just like in many other cases. For example, for almost a month before the festival congratulations were on air from MacCoffee. On the date of the event, concert was arranged by Autoradio for all guests to dance. As for traditional Maslenitsa attribute, burning of the Winter dummy, it became the most important and truly bright stage of the celebration. Ahead for the Summer!