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The Art of Seduction – special project from MacCoffee

In November 2018, MacCoffee launched special project сalled “The Art of Seduction”  User had a chance to experience a unique opportunity such as evaluation his/her seduction skills by passing the test. MacCoffee has also prepared a “first date guide”, which made it possible to understand the mood of your date by analyzing his/her gestures. If you want to understand whether you have chances or you are simply being fooled, then follow the link: According to the test results, it was revealed that women are much more successful than men when it comes to seduction process and may safely consider themselves as guru of temptation.

At the same time, there was a battle of the sexes launched on Instagram where influencers (such as @love_is_top, @alexandrovannya, @igor_humor) posted vines and competed in order to identify the king of seduction. @igor_humor became the on.

Check out vines on MacCoffee Instagram account:


If you want to check how good you are at seduction, follow the link: