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Spicy novelty in the Kracks range

Japanese cuisine becomes more and more popular in Russia. Sushi bar is not exotic any more in every town. People like to dissolve wasabi in soy sauce and plunge rolls and sushi there.

Inspired by this, Kracks adds the new Wasabi flavor in the range.

Wasabi is a plant, whose root is traditionally used in Japanese cuisine thanks to bactericidal features and hot spicy flavor.

Kracks Wasabi contains natural wasabi powder what will be appreciated by spice-lovers.

New flavor is offered in 2 package formats (160 and 45 g). As usual, they are in tube that is easily opened and closed.

Please note that all Kracks range is made from desiccated potatoes roasted moderately without oil excess. Kracks chips fit perfectly for lunch ‘on the run’ and also as a snack together with beverages.