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MacChoco and Smeshariki Cocoa drinks

The Food Empire company and the Riki Group of Companies have released a joint line of MacChoco cocoa drinks with the Smeshariki brand

Already in September 2023, your favorite cocoa drink in a new design with the popular heroes of Chamomile Valley will begin to appear on the shelves of stores in Russia, Kazakhstan and Armenia.

MacChoco cocoa is a delicious, healthy and nutritious drink for children and adults. It does not contain dyes, preservatives and starch. But cocoa contains useful trace elements and vitamins.

Starting the day with a glass of cocoa with milk, cold or hot, you can provide the body with energy for the whole morning.

Now the line is represented by two flavors – classic chocolate flavor and banana and cookie flavor. But very soon a new unique product will be presented, which has no analogues on the market yet!

We are starting a new academic year together with MacChoco and Smeshariki.