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MacCoffee® flavors fit perfectly well into any situation. Whether you need to feel fresh in the morning, to refill your energy at work or to enjoy your time at home in the evenings, MacCoffee® is always the best choice.
New Tazzanera coffee in capsules, produced at our own factory in Bologna (Italy) by the use of cutting edge technology that guarantees the aroma and freshness of the natural roast ground coffee brewed according to Italian recipes.
Hot chocolate made of top quality cacao beans combined with cream and sugar. Savour the simple pleasures in life with MacChocolate®!
Tasty, nutritious and healthy cocoa drink for children and adults!
With MacTea® you may quickly serve iced tea in summer and warm yourself up with hot sweet tea in winter.
An expert in coffee drinks segment. Products’ recipe is developed for consumers who are familiar with condensed milk or ice cream flavors from their childhood. In a wide range of drinks, everyone can find their favorite flavor. “Petrovskaya Sloboda” – pick one for yourself!
Hillway tea is exclusively produced in Ceylon and is presented by the most popular blends. Hillway is for true connoisseurs of the highest quality tea.
Kracks are chips made from high quality dehydrated potatoes. Evenly fried thin plates get a golden color, great taste and juicy crunch. Kracks chips are packaged in the convenient packaging in the form of tube, which preserves the shape and taste of chips.
Instant coffee 3-in-1 branded FesAroma, Express Plus and Eagle Premium are known for a remarkable combination of good quality at a moderate price.
The chicory benefits are preserved in our instant drink MacFito. The force of nature in each cup. Stay healthy with MacFito.