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MacCoffee® has launched a complete new product: coffee in sticks. It targets young people on the move. Bright packaging, advantageous convenience and a great price all strengthen the position of this new product and leave no space to doubt it will be very successful.

We are sure that none of our competitors has anything that would be more attractive in this category.

MacCoffee® Max targets young, active, dynamic customers who live in big cities. They are ambitious, self-confident and they have a good sense of humour. They are excited about everything that is new. And sometimes they just follow their impulses and tend to risk, but otherwise they are pragmatic and goal-driven. They are very sociable, concerned about their career and interested in the world. They like trendy stuff and have wide interests.

Why would they appreciate new MacCoffee® sticks? Simply because it fits all their needs! It features bright and unique package design, it’s pleasant to feel the package and open it, anticipating refreshing aromatic whiffs coming from inside the pack. It catches your eye on a shelf in a store, it’s easy to carry around and the price tag is extremely competitive!

Sure enough, price and package are not everything. But having tried MacCoffee®, a consumer will certainly go back to it conquered by its unforgettable taste.

Is there anything better than taking a break on a busy day and treating yourself to a cup of a rich taste coffee? Our customers believe that’s one of the biggest pleasures in life. We cannot but agree with them.