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Petrovskaya Sloboda (‘Peter’s Suburb’) as a brand was inspired by the times of Peter the Great when coffee started to be known and appreciated in Russia.

Everything new and progressive in the history of Russia is associated with the name of Tsar Peter the Great. Peter invited famous European scientists and architects for his projects for designing and building cities, shipyards, railways. Foreign specialists lived in the outskirts of Moscow, which were called “settlement (sloboda)”. German citizens who came to Russia settled in the German Sloboda (Lefortovo). It is known that Tsar Peter loved those places: the German Sloboda, the beautiful Lefortovo Park, the Yauza River bay. This district still exists nowadays (by the way, this is where the first factory of Petrovskaya Sloboda was located).

The brand founders brought together the favorite places of Peter and created “Petrovskaya Sloboda” (Peter’s Sloboda)

The soul of the brand was the image of the Beautiful Coffee Pot, in which we can easily guess Anna Mons – a beautiful, favorite of Tsar Peter, who was living in the German Sloboda that time. Brand founders initiated the creation of the painting: Anna Mons with a tray in her hands wearing a white cap and an old dress giving the Tsar fragrant coffee with delicate cream. This image became the key component of the Petrovskaya Sloboda logo.

Petrovskaya Sloboda – the first local 3-in-1 coffee using high-quality instant coffee,
sugar and cream, was founded in 1999.

Since 2007 Petrovskaya Sloboda is owned by international Food Empire Holdings group.